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The ’80s ruled

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In honor of Latex Limousine, an ’80s cover band, performing at 8150 tonight, Cassie Pence, Laura Ball and Shauna Farnell of the Vail Daily’s Arts and Entertainment section remember their favorite things from the decade that loved aerosol, neon, tight-rolled pants, excessive (and non gender-specific) make-up jobs, asymmetrically shaven heads and dog chains. Here are some other wonderful items from the ’80s:Shauna Farnell’s picks

1. “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” – I know this was redone in the ’90s with Japanimation prowess, but nothing beats the unmistakably attractive beefcakes in furry underwear that were the original He-Man heroes and villains. I’m not talking about the ghastly full-length unanimated movie starring Michael Bolton’s blonde, not balding doppelganger. With a moral at the end of every episode, you simply can’t find cartoons like this anymore. A double-disc box set is available on DVD for those yearning to relive the mastery.2. The Snoopy SnoCone Machine – I heard a rumor that these have re-emerged on the market. This would surprise me as this little gem of childhood enjoyment involved some serious manual labor. What was more fun than spending 45 minutes churning enough crushed ice to fill a Dixie cup was drinking the blue syrup that came with the original kit in one sweet gulp. Working this hard for a snowcone was inexplicably satisfying.3. The Cure – I know Robert Smith and his various (not the original) ensemble are still around and vainly trying to match the formula of their then-effortless ’80s sound, but it simply cannot be done. In addition to kicking off an entire colony of rat-nest hairdos and unabashed sporting of crooked lipstick and black eyeliner by boys across the world, The Cure unleashed some songs in the ’80s that will surely flash through my rapidly unraveling memory during the final five minutes of my life some day.4. “The Breakfast Club,” – Am I right? On my 431st viewing of this movie starring the Brat Pack, I wondered how I could have ever found this story or any of the characters to be in any way profound. Tied torturously to the triteness and imagined tribulations of American high school culture and the clicks that came (and probably still come) with it, I cannot help but to continue to love this movie which is probably one of the cheapest ever made (the entire thing – about interesting teenagers of varying popularity having dialogue in detention – is filmed in and around a high school).

Laura Ball’s picks1. Jelly Shoes – Yes. I’ve always been a fashionista. I had a rainbow variety of jellies to match my vast array of scrunchies. I prefered the jellies with glitter. The best part about them? You could wear them all summer long, even in the swimming pool. Why am I waiting for their comeback, I’m heading to eBay right now.

2. Crimped hair and shoulder pads – Yes, the style of the ’80s is as timeless as an egg salad sandwhich. But seriously, I don’t know which is worse, looking like an electrified poodle or like a petite football player. I still whip out my crimping iron once in a while when I want to look really hot. And that royal purple blazer my mom made me wear for Easter 1989, I’m still undergoing therapy.3. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – An absolute classic circa 1986, I’ve probably seen this movie 80 times. What guy didn’t want to be Ferris Bueller? What girl didn’t want to be Mia Sara? And who didn’t want to ditch school. It incorporates all of the cliches from the tackiest decade to date from black leather-clad bad boy played by Charlie Sheen to the leg warmer-wearing nerd played by Jennifer Grey.4. Caboodles – Classic caboodles hold oodles! That’s where I kept Love’s Baby Soft and probably my extensive earring collection from Claire’s Boutique. Mine was pastel peach and off-limits. If I ever caught any of my sisters in my caboodle, they were dead. I liked putting lots of junk and blue eye shadow in it and then not opening it for a month, kind of like a scary time capsule.

Cassie Pence’s picks1. The Smurfs – “La, la – la, la, la, la – la – la, la, la – la!” Who could forget these loveable blue creatures in white gnome hats who lived a euphoric life in a mushroom wonderland – except for the evil wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael – but the cartoon had to have some conflict, right? Everyone could relate to at least one of these blue buddies whose personality defined their names: Are you more dreamy smurf, poet smurf, brainy smurf or lazy smurf? Living in the mountains, I think I can finally relate to smurfette – the only female smurf in the whole village.2. “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” – I don’t care what Paul Rueuban does on his own time at X-rated theaters, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” starring Rueuban’s character over-grown child Pee-wee Herman, was one of the most imaginative, rockin’ Saturday morning shows. Oh, how I wished I had a fantasy home like his: jazz singing cats and dogs, talking furniture like Chairy and Jambie the genie head. I wouldn’t even mind all the neighbors dropping by like Captain Karl, Miss Yvonne and Cowboy Curtis. Meckaleckhi-mecka-chimey-ho!

3. Cyndi Lauper – I still remember going to the local second hand store to buy neon green lace gloves, bright pink fishnets and a chiffon skirt to wear at the talent show where I performed “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Lauper made punk feminine and hot colors cool.4. Guns N’ Roses – Never again will I be allowed to love an emaciated man with long, straight stringy hair in black leather pants who screeched profanities at the top of his lungs. There is no denying it – Axel Rose was a hottie. The music of G-N-R was fueled with hard guitar power, and “Welcome To The Jungle” still blows my speakers off the walls.Vail, Colorado

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