The airport test |

The airport test

Chrystal Clear

My Dad puts a significant amount of weight into what he calls the Airport Test. This is his label for that gut feeling that you get when you’re standing at the airport baggage claim waiting to meet (or be picked up by) the person that you’re dating. According to him, the initial feeling that you have when you first see that person determines whether or not they pass or fail the test.The person passes the Airport Test if you are overwhelmed with a good feeling when initially seeing them. If they don’t look as cute as you remembered, or you get an awkward, weird feeling in the pit of your stomach they’ve failed. It’s as simple as that.My Dad is convinced that many people’s boyfriends or girlfriends fail the airport test, but no one is conscious of it. Many people ignore their gut feelings. Heck, I’ve picked-up a number of guys at the airport or walked in the front door after being away for a couple of weeks on business and had that weird feeling when I saw them, but never thought anything of it. I brushed it off as being temporarily out of sync due to not seeing each other for a while.Nope, I was kidding myself. Those guys weren’t the right ones for me and I think deep down I knew it after the first Airport Tests. The feelings that were initially going through my head after seeing them for those first couple of seconds were later the reasons why we ended things down the road. SoI have to ask myself, if I had just thought about whether those guys failed or passed the Airport Test, would I have saved myself a lot of time?Probably.This theory stretches beyond just the airport pick-up. If you fail to use this as a barometer initially, you can trust it (and your gut) throughout your relationship. Dad (who has been through two divorces) swears that the Airport Test works when you’re in a seriously committed relationship to gage whether things are going south. If the initial feeling that you get when you pick up your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband at the airport, after not seeing them for awhile, is not positive – you may want to think about why. How do you feel when you walk in the front door and see that person?Now I’m not claiming that the Airport Test has any sort of scientific validity; it’s really nothing more than listening to your gut feelings early on in your relationship. It’s just that our guts are easier to feel at certain times and in certain situations the airport being one of them.Think about it the next time you are re-united with the person that you’ve been dating. You may realize something that you’ve actually known for a while but have ignored or haven’t wanted to see.Crystal Clear is a socially savvy Vail native who brings a candid female’s opinion and pointers to the Vail Trail. Crystal would love to hear your opinions at

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