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Cassie Pence

EAGLE-VAIL – When artist Kit Hevron Mahoney paints from a photograph, she likes to work from some of her worst shots. It keeps her impressionistic landscapes spontaneous.Mahoney has won the Colorado Governor’s Invitational Show for the last three years; it’s one of the most prestigious plein air art awards you can garner. Now with the advancement of digital photography, she’s jerking off the road on a whim to capture nature’s mood with her camera. She then takes the image back to the studio to visually communicate it to canvas.”My inspiration is nature. It’s light, color and texture that first capture my eye, and then I think how can I make a composition out of it,” said Mahoney.She worked in pastels for 14 years, which influences the way she paints with oils. She would layer pastels to achieve the correct color, as opposed to mixing the medium. That’s how she achieves such vibrant hues in her oils; she continuously builds in color.Instead of a traditional brush, Mahoney executes with a palette knife. It keeps her work honest, she said.

“That way I can’t get hung up on the details. Less is always more. I want the viewer to use some imagination. I want to invite the viewer into my painting. I don’t want to define everything,” said Mahoney.Mahoney captures mood with her landscapes, whether it is the peaceful aftermath of a long rain in the country or the breezy playfulness of wind through wildflowers. Mahoney’s latest passion is Italy, inspired by her travels. “I love Italy’s boat country. The boats are sassy and all have such great expressive shapes,” she said.Mahoney’s work can be classified as contemporary impressionism. It’s not realistic or abstract. She is the featured artist at The Collaborative Fine Art gallery’s “Landscapes of Soul” show today from 4-8 p.m. The quaint Eagle-Vail gallery is known for its abstract collection, and Mahoney reflects a move to balance the gallery with some more grounded work.”Soul is always something that is in a painting,” said Simone Fodde-Crotzer, the gallery’s director. “Even when you are painting plein air, it is what the artist sees. There’s also influence of the viewer, they are projecting his own internal world, especially into abstract art.”The other featured artists work on a more abstract level. Scott Reuman, Anne Shutan, Kevan Krasnoff and Mahoney will all be on hand to discuss their work with the public. Krasnoff is known for his impressionistic aspens and internal landscapes that evoke movement in nature. Fodde-Crotzer is featuring new work by him.

Reuman sculpts stone, wood and metal to mimic the motion and reflections of moving water. Reuman’s kinetic sculptures express his idea of a natural landscape.”People are attracted to landscapes. They love seeing a place where they have been, or imagining a place they would like to go,” said Fodde-Crotzer.For more information on the “Landscapes of Soul” show, call the gallery at 949-4ART.

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