The art of Feng Shui |

The art of Feng Shui

What seemed like a craze with the metaphysical crowd and a bit ethereal for the uninitiated, Feng Shui is undoubtedly catching. And why not? The promise of luck-in health career, money and love is just too good to pass up.In 1997, Feng Shui experts were called on to examine McNichols Sports Arena to see why the Colorado Avalanche was having a stellar season, but the Nuggets were foundering. The Nuggets is one of the growing numbers of businesses, professionals and homeowners opening up their minds and wallets to Feng ShuiFeng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art – which has been practiced in China since the Tang Dynasty – of manipulating and arranging your surrounding to attract positive life energy, or chi, so that it flows smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in your body and environment. Feng Shui evolved from the theory that people are affected for better or worse by their surroundings. It can also be activated to improve wealth, acquisition of knowledge, recognition and fame.The intricacies of Feng Shui can take years to learn. However, it is possible to learn, understand and use some of the basic concepts to improve your environment and life. Feng shui means wind and water in Chinese. It is based on the Taoist concept that everything is comprised of energy called chi. The invisible energy must flow freely in an environment or it can cause disharmony. A cluttered and messy environment keeps energy from flowing properly. For example, a much cluttered table is considered bad Feng Shui as it creates too much yin. Start off by cleaning your home and getting rid of anything that is no longer useful.You want to keep the chi in and circulating around your home. If a door and a window face each other and there is no barrier between them, the chi will flow in and right out. A barrier could be a chair, or a plant.Use plants in your environment; keep them healthy, well fed and watered. The best Feng Shui houseplant to generate good chi and aid in purifying the air are:- Bamboo: a plant that will grow in all lighting conditions in the home. They can be planted in soil or rocks and only need water to keep their roots wet.- Palms: Ideal for living rooms and to be used as dividers. – Rubber Plants: Its round leaves are symbolic of good fortune- Dracaena: This hardy plant looks great in any area.- Ivy: This vine softens harsh lines such as the TV – Ficus: Classified as one of the top 10 purifying plants by scientists at Nasa. This plant is able to assist in the removal of formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and ammonia from the air.- Kitchen herbs: Herbs thrive in all indoor climates and are easy to care for- Lavender: This nice smelling herb promotes peace and relaxation- Fresh flowers In addition, an important element of Feng Shui is color. Using the right color in the right place is said to result in miraculous things.For example, the best color for a house’s interior is light blue and light green. These are relaxing colors that help the occupant shift from the stress and stimuli of work and the outside world to a more peaceful and nurturing setting.If you are a woman or man seeking marriage, paint your bedroom peach or pink. Light green and light blue are also good for bedrooms, as they are colors of hope and cultivation.Let’s explore Feng Shui principles of colors in specific areas of the home:- Foyers: best in an off-white shade of blue, green or pink for these are colors of hope and welcome.- Kitchens: White is best, besides being the color of purity and cleanliness, it shows off the color of food.- Dining Room: Should be appetizingly colorful. Pinks, greens and blues, reds are best.- Living Room: Should be full of many colors, shades and patterns, as the place to entertain guest you want the atmosphere and conversation lively and diverse.Nancy Sanford, owner of Nancy Sanford Interior Design, is an award winning designer who has been transforming residential and commercial space in Colorado for 12 years. For more information log on to, Colorado

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