The basics in back to school |

The basics in back to school

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Football, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, golf, dance team. Algebra, biology, English, history, art, Spanish. Contractor, secretary, waitress, doctor, teacher, electrician. Do any of those ring a bell? What are you doing now? Even more important, how are you doing? I always finish my column saying our health doesn’t happen by accident. Neither does our success.This time of year, my office is filled with back-to-school and sports physicals. While thoughts easily turn to the nuts and bolts of classes, teachers and the next big game, the more important question may be not the “how” but the “why.” “How are you doing in school?” is a question I frequently ask. Equally as often, the answer is “pretty good.” Then comes the big question, “Why?” A puzzled look promptly crosses most faces.There are just three answers to “why.” Can you think of them? Keep it simple and basic. Sure, a good night’s sleep is essential. Likewise, eating right and getting regular exercise keep us at our best. Not withstanding the obvious, here are my three essentials of success:1) Work hard. That sounds so simple. What I really mean is just that, hard work. Not the finish-in-second-place kind but the work it takes to be No. 1. That does not mean you will always be No. 1, finish in first place or get an A. It means trying your hardest. It means striving to be No. 1 because we rarely exceed our goals.2) Practice. That sounds pretty obvious, too. When it comes to sports, it makes sense to all of us. When it comes to school or work, practice is just as important. We just call it something different. At school, practice is really just homework. It just sounds better when we call it practice!3) Ask questions and get help. A football team never won the Super Bowl without a great coach. Equally important are the players who listen and ask questions. Our students are surrounded by great coaches, none of whom are more important than parents and teachers. What a great resource if we ask questions and get help when we need it. While we are young we need to make best use of the coaches we have. As we get older, we can choose to associate ourselves with the best coaches we can find and follow in their successful footsteps.Good luck and great success to all our students. Whether in school or on the field, may your accomplishments be as great as you strive for them to be.Remember, your health is your responsibility! Health is our greatest asset, and it doesn’t happen by accident. If something doesn’t seem right or questions are left unanswered, don’t wait; call your doctor.Dr. Drew Werner of the Eagle Valley Medical Center writes a weekly column for the Daily. He encourages health questions. Write him by e-mail at or care of Editor, Vail Daily, P.O. Box 81, Vail, 81658.

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