The best choices for Avon, Colorado |

The best choices for Avon, Colorado

Rich Carroll
Avon, CO, Colorado

Avon has accomplished a great deal in the last four years and we have a potentially brighter future. A large part of the Avon’s success is having two people as intelligent, dedicated, and caring to serve on the Avon Town Council as Kristi Ferraro and Amy Phillips.

The government dealings in Avon are becoming more complex with increasingly sophisticated issues. Kristi’s keen legal mind and background as a CPA provide invaluable guidance for Avon.

Amy Phillips continues to be an advocate for Avon residents and businesses. Time and again she asks the tough questions. She is prepared for each meeting. Her understanding of the hospitality industry and budgets serves Avon well.

Both Amy and Kristi are dedicated to making Avon better than it is today by increasing open space, developing our bike paths, enhancing the parks, and energizing downtown Avon. They encourage honest, open, and complete dialogue on the issues. When a different point of view is raised, they listen and consider all ideas; which is a rare trait these days. I strongly encourage you to vote for Amy and Kristi so that the excellent work they have begun will continue and Avon will become a better community.

Shari Peach provides is a superb choice for the third seat on the Avon Council. Her background as a physician will bring a mindset and type of profession the council has not had. Read Shari’s thoughts on Avon issues, listen to her answers in the candidate forum, talk to her.

Shari Peach brings a unique trait: that of a person wanting to serve the public, for the sake of service, in a non-biased manner. She will make Avon a better place for all of us. The same dedication, thoughtfulness, and concern that make Sherri an outstanding doctor will serve Avon well.

This is an important election for Avon. Voting for Kristi Ferraro, Amy Phillips, and Shari Peach will continue to move Avon forward in a responsible manner.

Rich Carroll


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