The Blue Plate and SOS raise $2,000 to help Syrian refugees suffering in camps |

The Blue Plate and SOS raise $2,000 to help Syrian refugees suffering in camps

AVON — On March 26, the Blue Plate in Avon hosted a dinner in which a portion of the proceeds were set aside to benefit those currently suffering Syrian refugee camps. The staff at the Blue Plate were assisted by SOS Outreach students who are raising money in an effort to save Syrian lives. Throughout the course of the night, the youth were able to surpass their goal of $1,000.

The SOS kids raising money for Syrians are part of the Masters program, an intensive curriculum for students who have shown a commitment to SOS’s core values throughout five previous years in the program. Masters equips students to be leaders of social change in their communities.

“Through SOS I have become passionate about aiding those in need, said Kevin Garcia, a Masters participant. “I am very excited about raising money that will help Syrians.”

At the beginning of the year, SOS staff challenged Masters students to save at least one life this year. Students responded by committing to fundraise for Syrian refugees through the Shelterbox organization.

There are currently 2.56 million registered Syrian refugees living in camps outside of their country. Half of the displaced consist of Syrian youth. So far, ShelterBox has sent aid to 4,500 affected families within the refugee camps. The organization sends weatherproof boxes which “supplies an extended family with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.” Each box costs $1,000 and can support a family of five. Both the staff at Blue Plate and the Masters students will be providing multiple Syrian families with shelter and basic necessities.

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