The bluegrass insurrection |

The bluegrass insurrection

Wren Wertin

They’re cagey about the roots of the name Victor Barnes. Sometimes calling it the name of a high school gym teacher (Lynyrd Skynyrd was), other times the name of an Australian botanist with a green thumb, the truth is probably neither.

Whatever the meaning of the name, they’re not shy about playing music. Dance-happy original tunes make up the majority of their repertoire.

Bluegrass was something guitarist Ken Minkes discovered on his own. Raised on KISS, he found Jerry Garcia’s “Old and In the Way,” and was a changed man.

“I love playing bluegrass,” he said. “It’s a challenge, but the acoustic feel of it is great. You don’t rely on amplification.”

He does rely on his bandmates, including Darren Radach (mandolin, vocals), Holley Zadeh (banjo, vocals), Beth Mosko (fiddle), Chris Schaber (bass fiddle) and Brett Thomas (percussion). The frolicsome bunch will be playing a dance-friendly concert at Half Moon Saloon tonight at 10. For more information call 476-4314.

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