The Bookworm can help you choose a gift for the book lover in your life |

The Bookworm can help you choose a gift for the book lover in your life

Sarah Taylor
Special to the Daily
The Bookworm of Edwards | Special to the Daily
The Bookworm of Edwards | Special to the Daily |

Gift of reading

Here’s how The Bookworm of Edwards’ Literary Concierge service works:

• Pick the price: up to $15, up to $25, up to $35 or “just send me a great book.” Books selected through The Bookworm’s literary concierge service also receive a 10 percent discount.

• The Bookworm will ship anywhere in the United States via flat-rate U.S. Postal Service shipping, which is added to the price of the book.

• Gift options are available, such as additional books during the holidays and birthday months, custom enclosures and giftwrapping.

• The Bookworm keeps a record of all books sent, so you’ll never get the same book twice.

For more information or to sign up, visit

EDWARDS — This holiday season, gift lists are dominated by the categorized such-and-such, brand new and shiny whatchamacallits and at least one very vintage hipster thingamabob. However, there is one gift that’s not battery operated, never dies and can actually transport you to worlds you can’t find through a travel agency. It is, of course, the gift of reading.

“For a curious and intelligent person, what could be better than a Literary Concierge?” asked Nicole Magistro, owner of The Bookworm of Edwards, who three years ago began hand selecting and mailing books each month for children based on reading level and interests. “These gifts were mostly from grandparents to their far-flung families. But we soon realized there were plenty of other folks who wanted this kind of personal and regular recommendation.”

The original program was called Give 15, with each child receiving 15 books every year: one book every month, three books for their birthday month and two books during the month of December.

“The program began humbly with a handful of kids,” Magistro said. “Over the years, we’ve grown to 70 active recipients.”

Tatum Wells, 8, has been in the program since the beginning. She started receiving early readers and picture books, moving through beginning chapter books to middle-grade chapter books as she continued to receive personalized selections. Her mother, Linda Wells, is as pleased with the program as is Tatum.

“There are so many wonderful things about the Give 15 program,” Linda Wells said. “I love the excitement I see in my daughter when I tell her the book is ready for pick up. She lights up and can’t wait to go to The Bookworm to pick up her book. The program has really sparked her interest in books and reading.”

Tatum’s grandmother, Patricia Silverman, was the one who signed Tatum up for the program initially. Each month, Silverman is equally pleased to see the books Tatum receives.

“I would definitely recommend for grandparents to check into this program,” Silverman said. “Reading is so valuable for children. I love the fun phone calls from Tatum when a book arrives each month. She receives books in both English and Spanish language, which has been a tremendous aid to learning a second language. I believe this program would be beneficial for all children.”

With the growth of Give 15, The Bookworm launched a new branch of the Literary Concierge service specifically aimed toward adults. “Trust Me, You’ll Love It” started a little more than a year ago. Its namesake was inspired by the phrase The Bookworm staff uses daily.

Karin Barker, long time bookseller, is the leader of this particular branch of recommendations and has loved seeing the growth in its short lifespan.

“Our Literary Concierge program for adults, Trust Me You’ll Love It, is the perfect avenue for our customers to continue our dialogue and receive books suited to their preferences,” Barker said. “I also feel that giving the gift of Trust Me is the ultimate present. Not only does the recipient receive a monthly gift, but they also receive the expertise of our staff. Many of our customers say receiving our book selections is the best part of their month.”

Wendy Devlin, a Pennsylvania resident, has loved the books that have been sent to her.

“I have really enjoyed the service and glad my daughter signed me up for this,” Devlin said. “It has been so fun unwrapping the book and getting a great surprise. I have enjoyed each and every book I have received.”

Sarah Taylor is the events manager for The Bookworm of Edwards. Send comments about this article to

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