The BootDoctor is in: Christy Sports hosts boot fitting specialist this weekend |

The BootDoctor is in: Christy Sports hosts boot fitting specialist this weekend

Do you dread putting on your ski boots? If so, it might be time to see the BootDoctors at Christy Sports this weekend.

The BootDoctors is a nationally recognized retailer that specializes in exceptional boot fitting. Founded by co-owner Bob Gleason in 1986, the Telluride, CO and Taos, NM-based BootDoctors was acquired by Christy Sports in late 2017. Gleason will be on hand along with Christy Sports’ own boot fitting specialists at their Vail Village and Beaver Creek locations throughout the weekend to help make your boots fit like a glove.

After a few minutes speaking with Gleason, you know boot fitting is in his blood. The technical aspects of the boot, the scientific parts of the foot and the mechanics of both all fill his mind with tactics on how to give you the best fitting boot possible.

“The foot evolved to be a mobile adaptor. That means when the heel strikes the ground, the joints in the feet unlock to absorb shock and adapt to the terrain the foot is walking on. In a hard boot shell, that unlocking motion makes the high points in the foot rub and move against that boot shell causing abrasion,” Gleason said.

“The unsophisticated skier often goes to a bigger boot when experiencing these rubs. The result is the motion is greater and less contained. So the problems are worse,” Gleason said.

Investing time in diagnosing the problem and investing in tools to alleviate the problem is the key to your boots performing well.

“Solving a fit issue requires a methodical analysis of the skier’s foot and ski boot’s size and shape, ranges of motion in the various joints of the foot, identifying collision points between the foot and lower leg and the boot,” Gleason said. “Verbal feedback from the skier and tell tale signs of abrasion combine to paint the picture of what is causing the fit issues.”

Stop by and see the BootDoctors at Christy Sports in Vail Village on Saturday from 8-11 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. or the Beaver Creek location on Sunday from 8-11 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. to solve your boot fitting issues. Your feet will thank you.

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