The Broncos get their man and other draft thoughts |

The Broncos get their man and other draft thoughts

Drew Lock likes this pick

Welcome to the Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy.
Butch Dill | Associated Press

OK, it’s almost a sporting event. It’s the NFL Draft.

Heck, close enough. We’re that desperate for sports.

• NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is one of the biggest stooges in the history of sports, but give him credit for his #boothecomish ad.

• And the Bengals are on the clock. For what are they waiting? Cincy has known since November that it had the No. 1 pick. It’s not like the team is bringing back Andy Dalton. LSU’s Joe Burrow clinched his existence as the No. 1 pick since the Tigers beat ‘Bama.

Why is the clock running? Did the Bengals lose Burrow’s phone number? Good luck, Joe.

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• Last year, San Francisco took a terrifying defensive end from Ohio St. at No. 2. That worked. By the way, kinda interesting during the last few years how the Niners have hit both ends of the political spectrum with Colin Kaepernick and Nick Bosa. (Why didn’t the right yell at Bosa for injecting politics into sports? Never mind.)

This is a way of saying that Washington is taking its time figuring out that a DE from Ohio State — Chase Young — is the pick. Too bad the Redskins, instead of using a draft pick, can’t just get rid of Daniel Snyder.

• Hey, the Lions are picking in the top five. What a shock. Could we please take Detroit off Thanksgiving? Along those lines, I think Michigan just lost to Ohio State again.

• Offensive tackle Andrew Thomas, from Georgia, goes to the New York Giants. No real comment here, except that I’m looking forward to Georgia at Alabama in Week 2 of the college season.

• Tua to the Dolphins … You want Tagovailoa to succeed, but … this is a dangerous pick. He’s had the hip injury and ankle injuries. He’s just not a big guy, got smacked around in the SEC while playing for Alabama and now will be playing against bigger and faster players in the NFL? Ruh-roh.

• Case in point, Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds and the San Diego, er, Los Angeles Chargers take him to replace Philip Rivers.

• Isaiah Simmons to the Cardinals. Watch out for Arizona. Yes, the San Francisco 49ers went to the Super Bowl, but the Cardinals are building. Kyler Murray is the real deal. They added DeAndre Hopkins. Simmons is a good pick to help the defense. Arizona is going to be the “surprise” team in the NFL this year.

• Whose career will be wrecked by being picked by the Cleveland Brown at No. 10? It’s Jedrick Wills Jr. out of Alabama. It’s a smart pick — protect Baker Mayfield and perhaps a player the Broncos were targeting at No. 15.

• It doesn’t matter who the New York York Jets pick. Their fans will boo.

• The Las Vegas Raiders are on the clock. That sounds weird. Not weird: The Raiders pick a fast receiver in Henry Ruggs III. Al Davis lives.

• San Francisco trades No. 13 to Tampa Bay. The Bucs surprisingly do not pick Mike Vrabel in an attempt to keep the Patriots reunion going. Why Tampa traded up one spot to get offensive-tackle Tristan Wirfs is strange. The Niners weren’t drafting an offensive lineman. The Broncos might have been in the market — harumph, Garett Bolles.

• I know Broncos fans don’t care, but the Niners feed their defensive beast with Javon Kinlaw. Good replacement for Deforest Buckner. I thought we were looking at wide receiver, but the Broncos need a wideout as well and they’re next.

• Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy to Denver, getting another wide receiver for Drew Lock. Good pick by the Broncos and general manager John Elway. In fairness, a deep class of wide receivers ended up falling to Elway at No. 15.

Denver must address left tackle — freaking Bolles — in later rounds.

• As for watching more of the draft tonight than I have during the last five years, well, we need sports back badly. We’ll get there, but football can’t come soon enough.

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