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The buzz on Buzz

Bob Aubrey

Before I even go into this week’s story, I have to say that if you don’t know Buzz Schleper, you should. Go introduce yourself at Buzz’s Boards. The man is awesome, and if it wasn’t for Buzz we would never have been able to go on our mini “hope-to-maybe-break-even” tour. See, Buzz let us take his 1974 President Camper on the road. That’s four dudes, seven guitars, a drum kit, a bass, three amps, two dogs and a roadie named Luke for three days in his camper. Buzz, you rock!

So how was the road? Well, we flew down Monarch Pass with no engine or power and rolled right into Dotty’s towing in Sergeant, CO. This wasn’t the only time Luke’s driving would save our collective ass this weekend. Curtis, thanks again for fixing the camper. After a new alternator, some dinner and a bitchin’ bright orange hat with “I’m an Elk-Oholic” written across the front of it, we were back on the road.

In Gunnison we opened up for Local Red. They opened up for us on Saturday night in Crested Butte. I’m still tired after Friday and Saturday night’s show/parties. Local Red is RAD. They are a punk/alt/rock band out of Crested Butte and they put on one hell of a show. They even have their own “Tim”. His name is Jeremy. We’ll have some video up of them at real soon. But as I said before, I’m still hurting.

Friday was a blast. We played at this place connected to a bowling alley and you were still allowed to smoke cigarettes inside. BONUS! Saturday, in Crested Butte, we discovered that our off-season really isn’t that bad compared to theirs. People are still here. I also discovered that jam bands rule the land in The Butte. But we will be back there this winter, as will Local Red be coming to play here with us in Vail at a still undetermined named location. Start saving up for your bar tab now! Bar owners… who wants it?

O.K., back to the story. Sunday we drove, ate BBQ and got to our gig in Denver about 45 minutes before we were to take the stage. After unloading into the wrong bar, setting up and playing for 30 minutes at 6 pm, we were done. Yep, another battle of the bands. Special gracias goes out to everyone who made it down to Denver for that short, but hopefully sweet show. Jeremy, Dogmeat, Ladies.

So, from there we decided to hang out in Denver. On our way over to the Streets of London a guy blew through a red light at about 60 mph, but Luke saved our asses again by narrowly avoiding this chode-of-a-human being and slamming the camper to a dead halt. Unfortunately, Johnny pulled his best Darth Helmet impersonation at the same time. He got chucked from the back of the camper all the way to the front divider and into my back. That sucked. Hope you’re O.K. Johnny.

So we’re back. Our next show is at the Sandbar on Halloween opening up for Warsaw.

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