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‘The Chess Beast’ is coming to take over The Bookworm in Edwards

Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO, Colorado

With a thunderous roar, he moves his rook into your territory, gnashing his teeth as he senses checkmate just a few moves away.

He is “The Chess Beast,” and he’s visiting The Bookworm of Edwards on Saturday at 4 p.m. To prove his supremacy of the chess jungle, he’s issuing an open challenge to sit opposite of him at the board. However, due to space constraints of this particular jungle (that being The Bookworm), space will be limited to 20 competitors at one time, so sign up quickly.

The Beast’s alter ego is Brian Wall, whose lengthy chess resume certainly places him at the top of the chess-playing food chain. Wall has competed in, and won, scores of tournaments in the mountains and plains regions during the past few decades. He’s recently served as a webcaster for various chess Web sites as well as frequently contributing to the chess site http://www.walverine.com.

Wall has recently teamed up with fellow chess enthusiast Anthea Carson, who took third at the 2007 state championship, to write “How to Play Chess Like an Animal,” a guide for children on the basics of the game as well as various techniques for competition. The book was illustrated by Linn Trochim. Keeping with the animal theme, each strategy is linked to a various beasts traits, personalities and strengths.

To promote their book, Wall and Carson are touring Colorado stores and taking on chess players. They play up to 50 participants at some sites. This simultaneous showdown, a “simul” in chess parlance, is not limited to just kids, so adults can throw yourselves into the ring. Contact The Bookworm at 926-READ to register.

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