The Collaborative to host Krasnoff exhibit |

The Collaborative to host Krasnoff exhibit

Staff Reports

Multi-talented Colorado artist Kevan Krasnoff is exhibiting again in the Vail Valley at The Collaborative fine art gallery in Eagle-Vail. The show, titled “The Abstract Internal Landscapes of Kevan Krasnoff,” focuses on the artist’s latest work, specifically his abstract landscapes.Krasnoff’s paintings, primarily abstract landscapes, are somehow familiar yet strangely foreign. They appear to be in transition, in motion. Random occurrences and directed control combine to balance the work.”I see a transfer of energy. A thing of change. The West has great influence on my imagery. Its skies and horizons. Its colors. Its light. Its space ,” says Krasnoff.Krasnoff, who used to be represented in Vail in the Arnesen FineArt Gallery in the ’90s, is now back in the Vail Valley art scene. His dynamic, masculine landscapes are his trademark. His non-traditional, gargantuan canvases are handmade by the artist.Most paintings reveal their development through a process of addition and subtraction, with an accumulation of brush strokes. This artist builds his surface with multiple layers of acrylic, a medium which he then goes on to wash off the canvas, scraping off the various layers until the subtraction process reveals thesoul, the essence of a past vision on the canvas.The openings are then reworked, tenaciously rebuilt into further layers of colors and shapes. The final results are dramatic, dynamic and compelling paintings that not only reveal the soul of the artist but also the longing for places left far in the past, the remnants of lost memories.An artist’s reception for Kevan Krasnoff will be held at TheCollaborative, in Eagle-Vail, Friday, Jan. 16, from 4to 8 p.m., andwill provide collectors an opportunity to discuss the work with the artist.– Vail Trail staff report

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