The coronavirus can’t stop wedded bliss in Vail for Florida couple |

The coronavirus can’t stop wedded bliss in Vail for Florida couple

Couple moves forward with elopement despite some challenging circumstances

Sometimes, despite what’s going on in the world, you just need the one you love by your side.

That was the case for Todd Mitchell and Megan Carmichael of Steinhatchee, Florida, who eloped in Vail last weekend.

“We tried to plan a traditional wedding at home, but it got too big. I asked Megan what she wanted for Christmas and she just told me she wanted to have the wedding already planned and have it just be us two there,” Todd Mitchell said.

Something in the mountains came to mind because Megan’s aunt lives in the mountains of Tennessee and originally they thought about getting married there. “I also researched having a wedding in the islands. Then I started looking at Colorado and thought what a beautiful place to have a wedding and then spend the honeymoon here, too,” Todd said.

As a Christmas present, Todd packed a box full of fake snow, a toboggan, flowers and an itinerary of their elopement in Colorado. “We were going to get married on March 15 and have the whole rest of the week off to honeymoon in Vail and ski and sightsee,” Todd said. Megan is a kindergarten teacher and she would use her school’s spring break instead of taking time off during the school year.

Todd had never been to Colorado before. Megan had visited Colorado but had never been to Vail. The couple flew into Denver on March 14. “We ran a few errands in Denver and also made a stop in Idaho Springs, that’s where we were when we found out the mountain resorts were closing,” Todd said.

“It was disappointing because I’d put a lot of effort into it, trying to come up with a perfect place to elope based on what Megan talked about,” Todd said. “We got in last night after it was dark and we woke up and saw how beautiful it was this morning, we knew we’d still made the right decision to come and try to still get married here.”

Due to various businesses closing, Sarah Patrice Siegel of Eventique Productions had to act fast to find the couple a new wedding location. Siegel’s wedding planner savvy helped as she came up with a space behind Manor Vail Lodge, where the couple was staying, that could host the ceremony for this party of two.

“We had so much fun taking pictures along Gore Creek and on the nearly empty streets of Vail. She looked gorgeous in her wedding gown and he was handsome in his navy tuxedo,” Siegel said. “It was just the two of them, the whole world melted away.”

“Everyone’s been so nice and welcoming, making us feel special on this big day despite everything going on in the world,” Todd said. “I told Megan that I didn’t mind what we did, as long as she was by my side.”

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