The counsel of naysayers |

The counsel of naysayers

Don Rogers

Yes, Kaye Ferry and friends can pat themselves furiously on the back. Doesn’t make them right, though.The loss of the Vail conference center at the polls was indeed a loss for the community. With luck, the town economy will pick up anyway with better than a billion dollars of private investment keeping those cranes busy.As for Ferry’s “facts,” well, fear trumped reason. The risks were played up, the potential gains downplayed as if only “special interests” would benefit. Those interests being the businesses directly tied to visitors who have a little something to do with the town staying in business.The naysayers overreached with their conclusions. They made out that a rogue study of big town convention centers applied to the much smaller Vail conference center. They pretended they’d never heard of government subsidizing a public facility for a greater good, which actually is common. They exaggerated big time. They campaigned, in short. And they had one extra quiver: Fear. They played that one best of all. Congratulations.So another special interest group, made up of the usual naysayers to just about everything in Vail, prevailed.The problem is that history has proven them wrong time and time again – though only when the voters or council were just brave enough to move forward against those cries of certain doom.Taking the counsel of the naysayers, the voters set their community back a step. Vail, Colorado

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