The crowds are here |

The crowds are here

Shauna Farnell

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to be here?

The crowds have arrived now that the Games have begun. There were hordes filing into the biathlon venue, which the cable car that I take down to Cesana every day travels directly over, allowing what is surely the best view you could get.

I got on the bus from Cesana to Sestriere with a pack of Germans wearing Viking hats, a French family and the usual array of Italians and the chatter was like flipping through the remote control and finding a new TV station from 12 different countries.

Fantastic. I’m sorry that men’s halfpipe and downhill occur on the same day Sunday. Before I knew better, I had hoped to catch the downhill and fly over to see the pipe finals, but with the two odd hours of traveling in between (not to mention the crowds), it’s going to be logistically impossible. Not even my stunt double could pull it off.

I’ll be at downhill cheering for Daron Rahlves and crossing my fingers for Shaun White and Andy Finch in the pipe.

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We were advised to be at the downhill at 9 a.m. – three hours before the start. I discovered a way to eliminate this necessity. While a zoo of buses deliver people to the security checkpoint in Sestriere Borgata, I will be checking through at Sestriere Colle and walking about 20 minutes, directly into the finish area.

I sampled the route today and was completely alone. There is a chairlift on which to return to Colle and today Bode Miller (who apparently escaped the press after the training run) was enthusiastically recounting a story to one of his techies. I looked up to catch the ant’s eye view of his story as they passed overhead.

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