The definition of ‘pretty tough’ |

The definition of ‘pretty tough’

Don Rogers

U.S. skier Lindsey Kildow’s doctor in Italy said he’d known her for 10 years, and she was “pretty tough.”That’s pretty much the understatement of the Olympics.It’s like calling Tiger Woods a pretty good golfer, Mona Lisa a pretty good painting, a diamond pretty hard for crystal.The Ski Club Vail product is way tougher than Tiger is good.Horrifying fellow skiers with her crash during downhill practice Monday, Kildow went from hospital bed Tuesday afternoon to starting gate Wednesday. And finished eighth in the race, just seven tenths of a second behind the top American finisher Julia Mancuso, in seventh.That’s the stuff of legend, the real thing. Not this made up Bode stuff. Todd Ligety is the better story on the men’s side. No talk, just gold, baby. First Olympics, too. Vail’s Toby Dawson skiing out of Jeremy Bloom’s shadow to take bronze in moguls also is bigger. There’s still a chance for Miller time, not just apres and media fascination with his mouthiness. Shut up and ski now.The vision is of the badly bruised and hobbling Kildow closing her eyes at the starting gate, wondering if her left side could hold the turns. Than absolutely turning it on. Give Picabo Street an assist for staying up with Kildow in the hospital, crying with her and encouraging her to stay positive.But skipping the race was not even a possibility to Kildow. As her doctor, Vail’s Bill Sterett, said, she’s “pretty tough.”Vail, Colorado

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