The devil you say: School mascot isn’t changing |

The devil you say: School mascot isn’t changing

Scott N. Miller

GYPSUM – Dave Scott knows the drill better than most.In a ritual that’s become a routine over the decades, between one and a handful of people will complain about Hot Stuff, Eagle Valley High School’s cartoon mascot. The complaints – most recently voiced by a couple of callers in this newspaper’s Tipsline section – generally bemoan the school’s use of a character that is, in fact, a devil.This year’s complaints apparently got the local rumor mill bubbling, this time with reports that the school was ready to change the sports teams’ names to the Rainbows.Scott, the school’s athletic director, had a simple answer to the rumor mill’s latest.”No,” he said. “We’re going to stay the Devils.”It’s a cartoon character,” Scott added. “He’s not satanic. He wears a diaper.”

Eagle Valley has used Hot Stuff, a character invented by Harvey Comics in the 1950s, since the 1960s. In the 1980s, former principal Ivan Kershner got Harvey’s official permission to use the character.”We’re the only school in the country that licenses it,” Scott said. Beyond tradition, there’s a practical, overriding problem with changing the mascot at Eagle Valley: cost.”To change all the uniforms, signs and everything could cost as much as $250,000,” Scott said. “If somebody came up with that, maybe we’d think about it.”Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 613, or

===============About Hot StuffPublisher: Harvey ComicsFirst appearance: October, 1957Comic siblings: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Baby Huey, Little Audrey, Richie Rich

====================Vail Daily, Vail Colorado

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