The drag and shoot |

The drag and shoot

Mike Larkin

When I think cutting-edge extreme sports, only one word comes to my mind: Fulford.Deep in the hills overlooking Fulford at the base of New York mountain, back where few people dare tread, there is a pastime the likes of which most people have never seen before.The sport? The drag and shoot.This sport is so five-minutes-from-now that you’ll be at great pains to find it referenced anywhere but right here in The Vail Trail.My party was descending from Polarstar after a leisurely hike and lunch when we stumbled across this strange phenomenon. With a feeling not unlike what Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon must have felt as they cracked open the Tomb of King Tut, we watched in amazement as a pickup truck slowly ascended toward us with several pre-teen boys with BB guns taking turns shooting at something behind the truck. The truck was blocking our view of what was pursuing them.As the truck came closer we could see that it was dragging four different lengths of rope and chain with what could best be described as “largish things” — a couple logs, part of what looked like a bedspring, something big and metal, possibly part of a car or tractor — attached to the ends. We could tell we were onto something important.One of the members of my party posited a theory that this was some sort of road-grading device, Fulford-style.The truck stopped in front of us and unloaded all its passengers to reattach the things that were coming loose after being dragged over the rutted dirt road.When we were close enough to interview the participants, an 11-year-old boy told us they were performing what sounded to us like “draggin’ s___.” While technically they were indeed draggin’ s___, the boy had condensed the proud sport’s name of drag and shoot.The name sums up this deceptively simple sport. Objects (garbage found on the side of the road) are attached to a vehicle (preferably a flatbed truck) by means of whatever you have to attach them with. The bed of the vehicle is then loaded with some sort of seat to prop the “shooters” in a high enough position to comfortably shoot at the objects being dragged. Voila, drag and shoot. It’s really just that easy.It’s as if the tradition of shooting things while seated on t eh back porch had taken a giant evolutionary step right before our eyes. The addition of movement was truly innovative.”It’s kind of mesmerizing,” said the “responsible” adult in the party and the operator of the vehicle performing the “drag.&quot While I don’t think I would describe it exactly as “mesmerizing,” it was in fact interesting to watch. Who among us hasn’t wanted to pop off a few shots at something on the road behind us.The point apparently is not so much to do any damage to the drag-ees but to improve your skill of aiming a gun out of the back of a moving car, an invaluable talent for anyone to work on.The objects, while not in the least infuriating or intimidating, are difficult to hit given their propensity to bounce on the poorly graded back roads the truck does laps on.As far as sports go, it doesn’t exactly have the grace of ice dancing, but it is way more entertaining than curling. All we have to do is figure out a point system for it and we’re in business.I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another ill-fated and short-lived phenomenon like the “bike and joust.”

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