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The E-mail Trail

Nick,Thanks for responding so quickly. How was your trip home? I hope all went well! That is still a great price for the shirts. I just want to make sure everyone is still willing to pay……I would buy them all but we know I work for a living (hahaha). It was really nice to see you and your brother come all the way here and do what you did with your own money…you two have great ideas and creativity, keep up the GREAT work!! The order was for our office and the DA’s office….please give me a little time to get with everyone to collect the $7.00 fee. I will also contact the DA’s office and advise them too. (EDITOR’S NOTE: THE DA’s OFFICE SAID IT REFUSED TO GET INVOLVED WITH THIS.) I’m pretty sure the order will be a go, but let me make sure. Please call me if you have any questions, but you should hear from me shortly.Thanks againI AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN AND EVEN HAPPIER THAT YOU WANT SOME MORE SHIRTS. UNFORTUNITELY (sic) AT THIS TIME I AM ALL OUT OF THEM AND IN THE PROCESS OF PLACING AN ORDER FOR MORE. IT WILL TAKE ME ABOUT 2 OR 3 WEEKS TO FILL YOUR ORDER. THE SHIRTS COST ME ABOUT $7.00 EACH TO HAVE MADE. IF YOU GUYS ARE WILLING TO PAY THAT, I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO WAVE THE SHIPPING & HANDLING FEES AND PAY IT MYSELF.PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I AM GOING TO PLACE MY ORDER THIS WEEK AND NEED TO KNOW IF YOU STILL WANT YOUR ORDER. AGAIN I THANK YOU FOR E-MAILING ME AND FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN, SOON…P.S.IF YOU NEED MORE SHIRTS FOR THE COURT HOUSE I WILL ALSO GIVE YOU THEM AT MY COST. AGAIN, I AM SORRY FOR THE WAIT BUT SINCE THE PRE-TRIAL HAS STARTED AND MY TRIP OUT THERE I WENT THROUGH MY ENTIRE INVENTORY.Hi again. When I spoke to you last, you said to e-mail you an order for our department. I’ve completed the task of asking everyone what they want so here is a list of the shirts and sizes I would like. Please e-mail me back confirmation of this e-mail and also we are gathering funds now to make a donation in your name, so please include information about where to send the funds or what you would like us to do. Thanks for your support, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I hope your trip home went well and I hope to here from you again soon.”Priceless” T-Shirts: 39 total shirts1 Medium18 Large12 X-large2 XX-large6 XXX-large”Cheater” T-Shirts: 37 total shirts1 Medium18 Large11 X-Large2 XX-Large5 XXX-LargeGRAND TOTAL= 76 T-Shirts.

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