The farmers market canard |

The farmers market canard

Samuel H. Manky, M.D.

I just laughed myself through an article in the Vail Trail about support for local farmers. In particular, it seems a mass stupidity has overtaken the sadly misinformed and greatly overcharged attendees of the seasonal “farmers” markets. I have nothing against farmers, and respect the work they do, but don’t try and pass off food grown well over two hours away as local. In Europe, local food production generally extends to a radius of 25 miles. So, why would somebody drive two or three hours up into the mountains to sell “local” produce when they could sell it for half the price in their own local market?

One really can’t blame the farmer in our free market system for charging the good people of the valley what the market will bear. We should blame ourselves and our politicians for turning farmlands and greenlands into condos and gas stations. By the way, a couple of weeks ago I had a meal at an organic restaurant in Edwards (name withheld for my own selfish reasons) consisting entirely of wild foods that the chef had picked that morning while on his daily constitutional.

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