The final UnVailing |

The final UnVailing

Betty Ann Woodland
High Altitude Society
Vail, CO Colorado
Ken and Dagmar Huber and Dale Foster celebrate the "UnVailing" of the 2011 Undressed Calendar on Wednesday at The Vilar Center.

Humor is such a wonderful thing. A good belly laugh makes everyone feel better. So, when Annah Scully and Richard Carnes took the stage at The Vilar Performing Arts Center to emcee for the 2011 Undressed Calendar “UnVailing” party Wednesday night, we were in for a treat. Who doesn’t need a little chuckle on a Wednesday/humpday?

In all seriousness, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund Executive Director Karen Simon reminded us of the reason why this decade long project was so successful.

“There are so many people that we want to thank, especially the models and the photographers and the people who purchase the calendars and support our work,” Simon said. “During the project we used over 415 models and 20 photographers.”

There were around 12,000 votes total for the Best of Vail Undressed 2011 calendar, she said.

“The month with the most total votes was ‘Babes on Bikes’ from 2004, which won with 1,287 votes. Chris Anthony’s shot took the cover as it was a unanimous winner in a separate vote.”

A short film was shown at the event that told stories about recipients of Vail Valley Charitable Fund money over the years. It was a good reminder of why everyone was gathered together. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and that is when VVCF steps in and lends a helping hand.

To help make more funds available to those in need, please pick up some 2011 Vail Undressed Calendars for the Holidays. They make great stocking stuffers. For more information on VVCF, call Karen Simon at 970-926-9795 or visit

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