The first step of diplomacy is war |

The first step of diplomacy is war

They infiltrated our soil, abused our legal system, spit on our culture and then ruthlessly murdered our people.To be fair, though, we let them in with open arms, ignored their exploitation of our laws, allowed them the freedom to disagree with our customs, and then sat back twiddling our semi-idle thumbs as they slaughtered our innocent with a single swoosh from a giant sword.Our response was swift, however, and we quickly painted, using very broad brush strokes, who it was we thought the enemy to be. Except for a few key figures, the adversary was faceless, yet classifiable with the odious term rightfully due extreme religious fanatics<terrorists.But how does one go about capturing a faceless enemy, one as elusive as a grain of sand in a desert sea?Once you’ve located the general vicinity, you must destroy the entire area in an all-inclusive strike, leaving no survivors that might be capable of a retaliatory strike, all the while making sure that the surrounding regions are fully aware of what fate awaits them if they make the same mistake. Certainly this is among mankind’s top 10 faults, but hey, that’s reality.We defined the al-Qaida network as the bad guys. As luck would have it, the majority of them were found hanging out around the caves of eastern Afghanistan, eyeing donkeys with bad intent and beating their women into submission with dead tree branches.If we put an Afghan priest, a Pakistani fresh vegetable store owner with a heart of gold, the director of social affairs for orphans from India, an Iraqi tennis pro with a lisp, and an Islamic extremist with “Death to all Infidels” tattooed on his chest in a police lineup with each of them wearing a white dress with matching headsheet, would you be able to tell which one is the bad guy?Neither can U.S. troops. Therefore, we went into the defined area with guns blazing, methodically hoping the bullets would only strike the deserving.We HAD to do something.For the moment, let’s put aside the last 6,000 years of intensely debated history and instead concentrate on the past few weeks.Israel’s soil is being infiltrated, their laws ignored, their culture spat upon, and their people ruthlessly murdered on a daily basis.Except for a dimwitted leader who cannot wait to die and therefore be martyred according to archaic interpretations of a book, their direct enemy is faceless, yet its location is centralized to a very specific region.On an almost daily basis, those loosely connected with that leader are sending from this very region living, breathing, walking time bombs deep inside Israel’s borders with a single purpose<to kill as many Israelis as possible, regardless of age, gender, religion, color or positioning of yarmulks.To twist the knife even deeper, the world leader in offense of human rights (current ranking: No. 1), Saddam Hussein, not only has offered but IS paying $25,000 to the remaining family members of those individuals willing to trade their own heartbeat for the cash behind door number one.Israel HAS to do something.They cannot simply sit on their collective robes waiting yet once again for the United States to come play Sheriff Taylor to their Barney Fife, nor can they, or their people, afford to listen to other countries beg them to wait for the peace process to find its wobbly legs and get going again.The first rule for a government is to protect its people. The cornerstone of the very first attempt at organizing a group of like-minded individuals was protection, and citizens have every right to demand it from those they elect.The United States has finally taken an official stand: The Palestinians have clearly chosen a path of violence over a road to peace, while the Israelis have made their point loud and clear concerning their ability to crush an enemy like so many rotten grapes of wrath. Both must stop immediately and accept the facts.Palestine must concede that most Arab nations will NOT directly support their cause, and that Arafat has been nothing more than another false prophet in a long desperate line of such. Whether Arafat lives another 20 years in a closet with a cell phone and a candle or drops dead from butt-ugliness tomorrow, he’ll still be a martyr either way, so hurry up and get rid of him and at least allow a successor to give it a shot (no pun intended).You blew your chance in 1948 and have no one to blame but yourselves. There are better ways to deal with guilt than blowing up your neighbor, and besides, your own people are dying because of your stubbornness.Israel must pull out of the occupied territories and stop the foolishness of trying to force Jewish settlements to take root in the areas taken by force in 1967.You have recognized Palestine’s right to sovereignty, so quit waffling and let them have it, in turn allowing your own people to eat at the Hard Rock Caf in Tel Aviv (now closed) without fear of their own body parts becoming entrees. Besides, your own people are dying because of your stubbornness.I didn’t enjoy my Easter morning watching Israeli tanks surround the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem any more than you did.Though some might consider this a fruitful issue concerning apples and oranges, I see nothing more than innocent human beings dying senselessly because of their leadership, or lack thereof.Richard Carnes of Edwards can be reached at

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