The Fray plays Vail Snow Daze in Vail |

The Fray plays Vail Snow Daze in Vail

Sarah Mausolfsmausolf@vaildaily.comVail CO, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado Turn on the radio and chances are youll hear The Frays new single You Found Me before long.Three weeks after the song debuted on a commercial for Lost, the tune is already omnipresent and serving as a sort of teaser for the rest of The Frays self-titled album.For Vail, the suspense will end long before the CDs Feb. 3 release. The Fray plans to perform the new songs from the album Saturday at Vail Snow Daze.Its definitely the first time weve played any of these songs live in the states, in front of the public, lead singer Isaac Slade said this week in a phone interview.A national debut in Vail? Thats right, you heard him correctly. In what would be an odd move for anywhere but Vail, the Denver band has decided to plunge into the Rocky Mountains, in the middle of winter, to break out its new album in a village with fewer than 5,000 residents.I think were extremely lucky, said James Deighan, a spokesman for Highline Sports and Entertainment in Vail, the company promoting the event. These kinds of things dont happen traditionally in tiny little markets like Vail. They happen in places like Madison Square Garden or the House of Blues out in Los Angeles.Slade said good timing was among several factors that prompted the band to accept the gig. The fact that band members could see their families during the stop in Vail was a selling point as well, Slade said.Were supposed to be gone for three weeks leading up to Christmas, which is going to be really hard, and when the offer came to go to Vail and work for a little bit and hang out for the rest of it, I dont know, it all made sense. And we get to debut our record to a local crew, a local fan base.A fan base in snowsuits, to be exact. Ford Park can be whats the word? cold in December, but Slade seemed unfazed. No strangers to performing outdoors, The Fray members requested heaters on stage, so their guitars dont go out of tune.Weve played outside enough and been in enough of those situations, I think it will be great, Slade said. Im more worried about the fans, just to make sure they stay warm and stuff. I think itll be fun.

During the phone interview with Slade, the 27-year-old Denver resident wasnt quite sure where he was speaking from.Its so funny. I cant find anything that says what city were in. Im pretty sure its Birmingham (England), he said with a laugh.To say The Fray has been busy lately is an understatement. Slade said the band played songs from its new album in England last week and has been wrapped up in radio and TV promotions abroad. Here in the states, a partnership with ABC promises to keep The Fray busy. An appearance on the American Music Awards, a spot on Good Morning America, and a role in a concert series on Jimmy Kimmel Live! are part of the agreement.Ever since the TV show Lost trotted out You Found Me in its promotions, fans have been gravitating to the YouTube video and speculating about the meaning behind the lyrics.Slade said he wrote the song about a slew of phone calls he received from friends who were going through tough times.Tom Waits actually has a song called Gods Away on Business, Slade said. I didnt really discover the song until after I started touring and wrote the record and stuff, but its a similar sentiment to what I was trying to capture. It feels like if there is somebody in charge of this place, I dont know where he is sometimes. Its like hes on a smoke break or hes down at Starbucks and he forgot I need him or something.In general, Slade said he finds himself drawn to lifes tensions when hes writing songs. Happiness, from the new album, is about making tough decisions, he said. Slade anchors his lyrics around a real character and strives for fleshing out a definite beginning, middle and end to the story. Perhaps it is his flair for character development thats made The Fray popular with television shows like Greys Anatomy.The band has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the Denver area. Growing up, members were involved in Denver churches, and three of them attended Faith Christian Academy in Arvada. Slade said his early songs were packed with Christian lingo but he scrapped it in favor of lyrics his friends could relate to. By 2005, the band had burst onto the national spotlight with the album How To Save a Life. Members also include guitarists Joe King and David Welsh, drummer Ben Wysocki and bassist Dan Lavery.Asked how success has changed his life, Slade said it has been a lot better than he expected but also harder than he anticipated.It makes it a lot more complicated, he said. It used to be pretty simple. I would just go to work and make coffee at the coffee shop I worked at for five years and try to get out of debt and try to be a good friend to my friends and family. Now thats long distance relationships, and last minute crises, decisions that we have to make, all this crap that comes with being a big business band, so its been a lot harder than I thought it would be, but its been a lot better than I thought it would be, too.High Life Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 970-748-2938 or

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