The freedom of truth! |

The freedom of truth!

Gary Wingo

Ever get that vague feeling something’s not quite right? Maybe that feeling comes deep down in your soul when you’re all alone. You wish things were better, or that you could know what tomorrow holds. You work hard and play hard, but … what’s missing?Cultural forces want you to believe the myth that life’s all about you – all about what’s right for you. Is it working? When you watch national or world events and see the condition of the business world, politics, judicial systems and personal accountability … you wonder just who these people are? I thought we were America, where people are free AND responsible! We’re the greatest, most powerful nation on the planet. And yet, there’s this nagging little uncomfortable feeling – something’s out of kilter.Consider this: When we decide truth is relative … that is, what’s best for us individually … we compromise morality, personal ethics and our own character. Truth must have a high standard if we are to build a solid foundation in our personal lives and in this culture. For your heart to be at peace, truth must be clear and solid. We must stand firm in order to stop this downward spiral of immorality, corruption and lack of personal accountability – all of which threaten our true freedom! Each human being has a God-shaped place in their heart that desires fulfillment. We have a soul that longs for something greater. The Bible affirms this reality: “God has set eternity in the hearts of people,” Ecclesiastes 3:11. We try to fill that empty place with work, personal success, other people, money, possessions, athletics, selfishness, etc. … But you know none of these things has lasting pleasure. God has a greater plan: “I am the way, the truth and the life,” John 14:6. Jesus Christ provides the road map! His truth brings a deep sense of clarity and encourages your spirit. For example, are you motivated to grow and take risks to enhance your soul? Does your work and family life have a sense of the eternal? Are you content with what you have and who you are? When you stand on the solid ground of truth, life takes on new meaning and purpose. We literally are energized to soar on the wings of eagles compelled by a life of joy and contentment. Truth fires up God’s compassion for us: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” John 8:32.If Christ is the way to a fulfilled life, doesn’t it make since to give him a shot with your soul? If Jesus is the truth, would he not then give you vision and purpose as you journey into tomorrow? And if you let God be your life, he alone fills that empty place with his presence. All of a sudden, the nagging little feeling disappears, and our circumstances begin to take on new meaning. Why? God’s truth makes practical, spiritual, relational and eternal sense!Make a decision today to be free and energized by the truth. Get to know the one who made you, and experience his daily, personal leadership. And here’s the real truth: “Lord, in you they trusted and were not disappointed!” Psalm 22:5.Vail, Colorado

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