The French Press: excellent French food in Edwards |

The French Press: excellent French food in Edwards

Lauren Glendenning
Kristin AndersonThe Foie Gras with chocolate pain perdu pudding and Cointreau-poached strawberries is as decadent as it gets.

Don’t let the French Press’s location in a shopping center deter you from considering it as one of the best fine-dining restaurants in the valley. And don’t let its reputation as a great breakfast and lunch spot fool you into thinking dinner is an afterthought.

Executive Chef Juan Anon was trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France ” one of most recognized and renowned culinary schools in the world. Chef Juan does French food right, and the French Press makes you feel like you’re dining in a quaint Paris neighborhood.

Walk into some American French restaurants and often you can’t even read the menu, let alone understand the food. Complex dishes and sauces make up the cuisine, and for Chef Juan, as long as the technique is there, the food will be great.

“I don’t like to overdo it,” he says. “All my cooking is done very simply, but with very precise technique.”

From braising to poaching to flambe to a simple saute, you’ll taste that refined technique in the food.

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“Juan is just a master with the sauces,” owner Zak Stone says.

A perfect example is the mustard honey cream sauce on the Roasted Dijon Chicken dish. Think you shouldn’t order chicken in a restaurant? Think again.

“I’ve been working on that recipe, doing variations of it, for probably the last 10 years,” Chef Juan says.

He tried to change it up on the menu, but he fears his customers would revolt ” so the chicken dish, and all its flavor and perfection, stays.

While it’s easy to fall into a habit and order the same thing every time you eat at a restaurant, the French Press is a place where you should try something new. The main course selection isn’t huge, but it’s as spot-on as Chef Juan’s cooking techniques.

From a Mandarin Glazed Duck Breast to a Double Cut Rack of Colorado Lamb that might leave you speechless, it’s hard to not let the menu mesmerize you into coming back for more.

Want to leave it up to the chef? You better like Foie Gras ” if it were up to Chef Juan everyone in the restaurant would try his version ” seared with poached strawberries and pain perdu, similar to bread pudding, with chocolate and orange. Try it as a complement to creme brulee for dessert, or just devour it as an appetizer before dinner. You won’t regret it.

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