The Grinch |

The Grinch

Scott Cunningham

A very un-Christmasy burglary was reported on Jan. 5. A guest at a friend’s house stole several gifts from under the tree while his friend’s family was eating dinner. After they discovered the theft, the family confronted the subject, who after some cajoling admitted his crime. He explained that he had “gotten nosey.” The suspect was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary.Punch BusA fight occurred at an Avon bus stop on Jan. 1. The victim was talking to a friend of his when a strange, much taller man approached him and promptly punched him in the face. The aggressor believed that the two men were talking derisively about him. He was charged with aggravated assault.Mis-countingA traffic stop in Edwards led to a DUI arrest on Dec. 30. A man driving from Denver to California spun off the road after one of his tires blew out. When questioned by Eagle County Sheriff’s officers, the man said he’d had “four beers,” but simultaneously held up three fingers. When asked to repeat his answer, the man again replied “four beers,” but held up only three digits. He then failed roadside maneuvers and was taken into custody.The Bad SonA fight between a mother and a son in Gypsum led to the son being issued a summons for harassment and obstruction of telephone service. During an argument, the son kicked his mother in the shin and then ripped the telephone off of the wall.Valet fist-a-cuffsA fight occurred in Beaver Creek on Dec. 30. A valet returning to a pick-up area nearly struck a little girl walking across the street, according to members of her family, who then began striking the car the valet was driving. He stopped and got out and they began to yell at him, until another valet intervened. According to him, the group had been drinking and was rude and demanding. All parties involved were issued warnings for disorderly conduct.Necking at the hotelTwo visitors of a Vail hotel got into a fight on Dec. 30. One was upset with the other because someone at a bar was “checking her out.” An argument ensued, which ended in a physical confrontation, replete with hair pulling and neck scratching. Both were arrested for harassment.

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