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‘The Haunted Field Trip’

Daily Staff Report
Chad Owsley/Vail Daily Leni Ronzio's fourth-graders at Brush Creek Elementary get into the Halloween spirit Friday afternoon by donning finger masks in their morning reading class. The children submitted ghost stories to the Vail Daily in celebration of Halloween.

Mrs. Ronzio’s fourth-grade class was worried about going on a field trip on Friday the 13th. The entire class was traveling down to Denver to visit the Museum of Natural History. Even the bus driver was nervous as she chattered over the microphone, “It’s Friday the 13th, so everyone cross their fingers!”The drive to Denver was filled with singing, sleeping and talking among the students. As they passed some deserted lots and rundown mansions, they heard a loud KABAM! The front tire had blown, so the bus driver slowly pulled the bus to the curb.”Looks like the front tire’s blown. Why don’t you all get off and stretch your legs while I fix it?” suggested the bus driver.”OK, everybody! Let’s get off the bus and let her fix the tire,” said Mrs. Ronzio as she stood up.”I have to go to the bathroom,” pleaded Turner, a freckle-faced boy.”Me, too!” Shouted Emily, a small blond girl.”And me!” shouted Elle. Both girls danced alongside the bus.”All right, let’s go ask if we can borrow their bathroom,” Mrs. Ronzio said as she pointed to a large mansion at the end of the street.Suddenly, a dark cloud eclipsed the sun and rain fell like someone had just turned on the shower. Buckets of water fell on Mrs. Ronzio and her class. Everyone dashed to the mansion.Creepy butlerThe mansion was enormous. Surrounded by a wrought-iron gate, large dead trees stood stiffly on each side of the house. Their branches creaked in the wind. The mansion’s dark wood was rotting and needed a new coat of paint.Up the squeaky wooden stairs, everyone ran for cover under the front porch. Large knockers in the shape of gargoyles hung on the front door. Mrs. Ronzio banged the knockers as hard as she could, BAM, BAM, BAM! Slowly, the heavy wooden door crept open. A ghostly white man in a butler’s uniform mumbled, “Yes? May I help you?”

Mrs. Ronzio gulped as she stammered, “Excuse me, I was wondering if we could borrow your bathroom. Our bus got a flat, and some of the kids have to use a restroom.” The entire class huddled behind her.”Of course,” the butler replied. “Follow me. The rest of you can wait here in the foyer to keep out of the rain while you wait.”Emily, Elle and Turner glanced nervously at Mrs. Ronzio before following the butler down the spooky hallway.Back to the bus?”Are you really going to let them go alone?” James asked.”I guess so. … ” Mrs. Ronzio’s voice trailed off.”I’m hungry,” said Alan and Patrick C. in unison. Teague, Corson and Patrick N. nodded their heads in agreement.”Where’s your snack?” asked Mrs. Ronzio.”The children are welcome to have something to eat in the kitchen,” the butler said unexpectedly. Everyone jumped because no one had seen him return. Turning, the butler said, “Follow me.” Alan, both Patricks, Teague, Corson, Matt and James all decided to follow the butler to get something to eat. Mrs. Ronzio and the few girls left began to look around. “Ew!” exclaimed Vanessa. “There are spider webs everywhere!””Mrs. Ronzio? I’m a little afraid,” remarked Jessica in a small voice.”Me, too!” Viviana and McKenna chimed.”I think we should get out of here,” mumbled Samantha as she started toward the door, bumping right into the butler. “Hey! Get out of my way!” Samantha ordered.”Where is everybody, anyway? What have you done with my friends?” Erynn growled.

“Actually,” interrupted Mrs. Ronzio, “we probably need to get back to the bus. Could you take us to the others?””This way,” the butler said, glowering at Erynn and Samantha as he led them down the same dark hallway they had watched their friends disappear into. “In here,” the butler said as he gestured to a door at the end of the hallway. Opening the door, Mrs. Ronzio and the girls peered into the dark room. Suddenly, the butler shoved Mrs. Ronzio and the girls inside and slammed the door shut behind them.An escape plan”Is that you, Mrs. Ronzio?” asked Teague in a frightened voice.”What is going on?” asked Mrs. Ronzio. Banging on the other side of the door, she shouted, “Let us out!””That creepy butler dude has locked us all in here!” James shouted.”What are we going to do?” Emily and Elle yelled.”I told you we should have left!” Samantha cried.”Calm down, everyone!” Mrs. Ronzio instructed as she dug through her purse for her tiny flashlight. She turned it on, and the small light lit up boxes and old, dusty antiques scattered all over the floor.”I think I can see outside, over there,” Corson said.Everyone stumbled over to the window. Mrs. Ronzio and Alan stacked a couple of boxes to see out better. “It’s a small window,” said Mrs. Ronzio. “Who could fit through?” she wondered out loud.The whole class pointed at tiny Vanessa, clearly the smallest girl in the class.

“She’ll need help. Who else?” Mrs. Ronzio asked.”McKenna!” shouted her friends, Elle, Emily and Samantha.Mrs. Ronzio, with the help of Alan, Matt, Cody and Erynn, hoisted the girls to the window. Wriggling and squirming their way through the window, they scampered around the corner of the house.”I hope they don’t leave us here,” remarked Patrick N. ‘Sayonara, creepo!’A loud squeak erupted from the cellar doors. McKenna and Vanessa stood in the rain, holding the doors open.”Come on!” yelled Elle.”Finally!” exclaimed others.”Let’s go!” urged Mrs. Ronzio as she helped her students to freedom. Once outside, everyone bolted to the bus with the butler on their tails! The bus driver was just putting away the jack and opened the door.”Get us out of here!” shouted Cody as he ran onto the bus.The bus driver shut the door as the butler tried to get on the bus.”Step on it!” yelled Alan from his seat in the back.Out the window, as the butler faded in the distance, Corson and Patrick N. mockingly saluted him and said, “Sayonara, creepo!” as everyone else breathed a sigh of relief.Vail, Colorado

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