The importance of other cultures |

The importance of other cultures

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GYPSUM – Each year, Eagle Valley High School teacher Jennifer Wright takes students on adventures abroad.”I encourage them to choose where they want to go. Greece was the No. 1-desired destination from the group of seniors who were going on the trip,” says Wright, who had never been to Greece.The 10-day trip, which took place during the school’s spring break, included two days of flying, four days cruising the Greek Isles and four days in Athens. Chelsea Hedrick, Hanna Nelson, Krysten Guse, Kayla Martinez, Jessica Horst, Crystal Atencio, Jimmy Benavides, Callahan Ketterling and David McMichael were the students who raised the funds and went on the trip.

The chaperones were Ron and Suzi Hedrick and Tim and Melanie McMichael. “This group had a great dynamic. They were mature, responsible and a lot of fun to travel with,” says Wright.Along with Athens, students visited the islands Mykonos, Patmos, Crete, Santorini, and Rhodes. They also went to Kusadishi, Turkey.”Seeing the Parthenon and all of the artifacts and geographical places related to Greek mythology because we have been studying it since we were freshmen – it was really amazing to see it all come to life,” Guse says. “Walking through Ephesus (Turkey) was amazing,” Horst says. “It was incredible to see statues and temples of Roman gods, and to walk where Nero, Mark Antony and Cleopatra used to walk as well. It just makes you feel so small, while at the same time, makes you feel like a part of history.”

Last year, Wright took 20 students to Italy and at the end of the school year, she is taking 30 more students to the British Isles. “We will be visiting London, Dublin and Edinburgh, and traveling through the Scottish Highlands,” Wright says. Wright has no plans to stop hosting the trips because, she says, exploring other cultures is too important.”I hope to be traveling with students throughout my entire teaching career. It’s very difficult for me to express how amazing these trips are in words,” Wright says. “Some of my most treasured memories include events from traveling abroad with my students.” Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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