The importance of the event "-in any event |

The importance of the event "-in any event

Michael Robinson
Vail Valley Partnership

We’ve all attended events ” big, small good and bad. What I take away from events is one way by which I can measure their effectiveness. What did I learn? Am I more enlightened today than I was yesterday? Will the new information or insight have legs, allowing me to call upon it, or apply it with a slightly different twist tomorrow?

For the nearly 100 people that attended last week’s first ever Vail Valley Business Forum, regardless of what industry they work in, and without consideration of their position, I would argue that everyone that attended, based on my evaluation criteria, would recognize the event as a success.

The morning panel discussion, moderated by CNBC’s Jane Wells, was entertaining and informative ” a combination not often found at events such as this. The discussion ran the gamut and sprinkled opinions and insight with humor and fun-facts. The importance of the gathering was not lost, however.

For example, thoughts were shared on the subject of international trade and recent stock market volatility. Both Leslie Schweitzer, senior trade advisor for the United States Chamber of Commerce, and Edward Jones’ limited partner Scott Thomas gave words of wisdom. They reminded us that market volatility is frequent, normal and can in fact open doors to a quality investment at a good price. And Vail is a target for great investment, both experts agreed.

The three-course lunch took a back seat to the information dished up by Chris Padilla, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration. Padilla said, “trade serves passionate debate, we (America) should take charge and lead the global economy… Isolation is not the answer.”

And pundit (also former press secretary to Dan Quayle and to Newt Gingrich) Rich Galen was on hand to give the political junkies in the room a sneak peak at the 2008 presidential race. He also offered first-hand stories about politicians we, far from the nation’s capital, are accustomed to seeing on TV and reciting canned answers to predictable questions in front of podiums. Galen pointed out “the best person doesn’t always win, but in America, it often happens.”

As the forum ended, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was taking that last opportunity to share business cards and make lunch appointments with one another. It occurred to me that the basic drivers of business are the same regardless of location. Information is key, and the ability to network is a must-have. What drives business success is to be in the company of professionals who can share their insight and educate you on how to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

And it is, in my opinion, the responsibility of organizations such as the Vail Valley Partnership to provide this environment for business growth. That is our commitment to this business community ” to continue to provide events, platforms, programs and services such as the Vail Valley Business Forum. Together with our other annual events, A View From the Top (November and June speaker series) and the Success Awards Gala (January), we hope that as many businesses as possible join our program offerings and discover what a true business organization can really do to contribute to the overall community’s success.

The Vail Valley Business Forum couldn’t have taken place without the dedication of our panelists and speakers, most of whom came to Vail on their own dime to speak to our community and share insights and opportunities. Another important thanks goes out to our event sponsors, Colorado Mountain Express and the Vail Valley Small Business Development Center. And of course, to those that attended ” thank you, and I trust you left the Vail Marriott more equipped to face the business opportunities in front of you. To those that didn’t, I certainly hope that you will join us at future Partnership events and come to discover how we can truly be a “partner” in your efforts to succeed.

If you would like to join our efforts to support, unite and lead the business community moving forward, I invite you to give us a call and learn more about how we can work together. We’ve got a smorgasbord of programs to assist you, whatever your business may be. In any event, and at any event, program or service we provide, your business will come out as the real winner.

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