The Internet has gone to the blogs |

The Internet has gone to the blogs

Ted Alvarez and Charlie OwenVail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

Is blogging truly a phenomenon? Maybe three years ago, but by now it’s steadily moved from the cozy corners of early adopters into the mainstream. Soon, blogging will be as commonplace as watching TV or checking e-mail: Hillary Clinton has a blog, and so does Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Your grandmother probably has a blog, where she complains in cyberspace to anyone who’ll read it that you don’t call enough.But there are oceans of pointless blogs chronicling the boring, emo thoughts of countless teenagers. The trick is sifting through the detritus to find the real tastemakers, the blogs that have gone beyond simple commentary and now chronicle the cool. Some of these blogs even break news in their given subject before traditional media does. What follows is a tear sheet of blogs at the top of their game, organized by subject. It’s by no means a complete list, and our inclusions are even up for debate, but it’s a jumping-off point for some who might be a little late to the blogging game. Check them out, discover new blogs – heck, make one of your own. Just hope Grandma doesn’t find it.Movies:www.cinematical.comThough part of the Weblogs Inc. family of blogs, Cinematical retains its comprehensive, sometimes snarky look at the world of film. This blog specializes in getting scoops, and it manages to get everything from early movie posters to leaked footage. Insightful reviews, casting rumours and industry gossip round out a complete look at the movie world without extra cheesy celebrity gossip.

Outdoors:www.thegoat.backcountry.comThe Goat might be officially sponsored by http://www.backcountry. com, but that doesn’t stop Editor Rocky Thompson from ripping apart any piece of unworthy gear with his trademark sense of irony and sarcasm. In addition to “putting (their) bro-deal on the line to bring you the honest gear truth,” Thompson updates readers on the latest gear innovations, outdoor-sports news and happenings on the trail. Just don’t get caught doing something stupid outdoors: You’re sure to get a royal skewering on The Goat.Sports:www.deadspin.comFrom the Gawker family of superstar blogs, this one chronicles all sports happenings in meticulous detail, from Barry’s home-run conquest to obscure skier stats. Don’t miss Deadspin’s season previews or news updates – it’ll make you a sports trivia genius in a day.Music:

http://www.stereogum.comWant a leaked preview of the new White Stripes album before it comes out? Stereogum is the place to go. From Kanye West to Devendra Banhart, Stereogum is a reliable source to find music news, views and previews both above and below the radar, usually way ahead of release dates. It’s a bit hipstery, for sure, but it’s an open tap to ear candy open all day long.Fashion:www.gofugyourself.comWhen it comes to fashion, it’s hard to come to an agreement about what looks good. But it’s pretty easy to decide what looks bad. The girls of http://www.gofugyourself. com delve deep into the realms of the “fugly” and spend ample time each day proving that the fashion sense of the famous can get pretty out there. If you’ve ever had a bad hair, jean or dress day, pop in for an instant self-esteem boost.Gadgets and

Sure, and provide links to practical tech innovations we can actually use, but Geekologie provides a window into the weirdest and most out-there technology and science innovations possible. Best of all, it’s delivered in the voice of an over-caffeinated jokester who makes hilarious claims of superiority as the kicker to each entry. We defy you not to laugh. Food:www.cookingwithamy.blogspot.comFood writer Amy Sherman provides a reliable and informative directory of daily recipes, cookbook reviews and news about food. Whether you want to buy local goods, cook “green” or just find a great Cobb sandwich recipe, Cooking With Amy is the place.The weird:www.icanhascheezburger.comTo explain the phenomenon of “lolcats” would give away to much. Besides, trying to explain how hilarious photos of cats with mispelled grammar is funnier than Don Rickles high would just get too confusing. Visit this site, be wowed at the depth of strangeness on the Internet, and be proud you never spent time submitting items to this site – hopefully.

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