The jokes on us |

The jokes on us

Dana JurichVail CO, Colorado

April Fools Day is right around the corner. Originally celebrated as New Years Day on the Julian calendar, April 1 is now the forgotten stepsister of the BIG holidays surrounding her, such as Easter and Memorial Day. When, King Gregory of Some European Country changed the official calendar in 1582 to the Gregorian version, news didnt travel very fast. Years later simple farmers in remote European villages continued to celebrate the old, out-dated holiday. The far-removed villagers took their sweet time adjusting to the new calendar, which made them an easy target for the younger, more modern villagers. Apparently, this marks the birth of the first kick me sign. And so, this officially unofficial holiday has survived the times, if for no other reason than for being a good-hearted, fun holiday without any dogma attached to it. It is the day of taunting, teasing and tormenting.One of my most memorable April Fools Days comes to mind as I write this. Christian, a pizza artist at Pazzos pizzeria in Vail borrowed a baby backpack and stuck a dressed-up doll in the seat. He then proceeded to stumble around the village, throwing himself down short flights of stairs, spilling his child onto the sidewalk headfirst. His audience, most of whom Im sure were parents, were horrified to behold a man skiing in shorts, wearing a baby carrier on his back, taking to the bumps under the chairlifts. Needless to say, ski patrol was flooded with calls that day. No doubt Christian sported the baby backpack at the bars, and Im willing to bet he didnt go home alone that night.April Fools Day just might be my favorite holiday. Not only is it NOT a Hallmark occasion, but it is never exploited to advertise for any consumer product. Ive never seen April Fools Day M&Ms. It doesnt even have a mascot! A true Lokiean holiday, its the one day each year you can get away with behaving like a total ass, as long as you belt out April Fools Day periodically. Anything goes April 1.You can bet on seeing a gaggle of sequined, neon one-piece ski suits adorning the mountain, as well as babes in bikinis. There is usually one hairy-chested, scantily clad dude sporting a coconut bra and matching grass skirt, which is my personal favorite. Id share with you, my closest 47,000 friends, my brilliant idea to spring on my boss this upcoming trickster holiday, but I dont want to blow my cover. Dont tell her I told you.The trickster energy is nearly palpable on this special day. Im convinced it is a great day for the gods to meddle in human affairs and have themselves a laugh or two. Whatever your plans are for this enlivening holiday, just remember that the funniest jokes are the ones where no one is made to be the brunt of them. Happy April Fools Day.Dana Jurich of Avon writes a biweekly column for the Daily. Send comments or questions to

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