The key to oil independence |

The key to oil independence

Ironically enough, Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC countries are fast sealing America’s independence from them.

OPEC’s very power will prove its undoing. Already the price peaks have the oil companies looking to the huge reservoir of oil shale just west of Eagle County. This field encompassing northwestern Colorado, southwestern Wyoming and northeastern Utah has many times the oil of the Mideast. Only problem is it is difficult and therefore expensive to tap.

But the higher the prices of foreign oil goes, the more viable it becomes to develop the means to draw oil from the shale. The shale is saturated enough that a pioneer who built his fireplace of the rock he found around Rifle set the stone afire and burned down his home. Yeehaw.

A cool thing is that although it will be expensive to develop this vast reservoir just west of us, we’ll likely find ways to reduce the costs dramatically over time. The Saudis and their friends will give us the greatest gift through their own greed.

What do you say to that. Besides thank you?

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