The key word here is ‘security’ |

The key word here is ‘security’

Don Rogers

The key word should be “security.” That is, Social Security’s reform before it roars or rolls off a cliff around mid-century ought not include gambling or the government going in the hole even deeper to set up “personal accounts” that aren’t really so anyway.Besides, Americans already have plenty of access to personal accounts. They are called mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, pork bellies. Social Security is the net underneath all that, and that’s how it should remain. Let’s keep our eyes on the key word here: security.The president is not merely taking on that third rail – and good for him showing the courage to do so. His plan is simply off-track. Personal accounts will not fix Social Security, and even the Republicans have figured this out. Democrats playing ostrich are even more screwed up, though. Whatever you want to call it – crisis, problem, challenge, hey opportunity – we’re steaming headlong to the day in 2018 that Social Security takes in less than it pays out. The cliff follows shortly after that. Closing their eyes and clicking their hells and resolutely repeating the mantra that everything is just fine is a worse way to handle all this than summoning the ghost of Chicken Little.The president is right to raise the issue now, even if the plan thus far would make things considerably less secure, not more so. At least America is beginning to have the discussion.Bigtime borrowing, bigtime debt and lesser benefits are strains on the system every bit as debilitating as higher taxes; in a real way they are higher taxes.So let’s start with honesty, all the way around. Vail, Colorado

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