The Kooks perform at Avon’s SnowBall Saturday |

The Kooks perform at Avon’s SnowBall Saturday

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Kooks will play the main stage at SnowBall Saturday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

British pop band The Kooks have an idol. And if you have enough music trivia knowledge simmering in your skull, you might guess who it is, even if you don’t know a thing about this indie foursome.

It’s David Bowie, whose song “Kooks,” spurred the name.

“The Kooks have that classic big Brit rock pop sound that is big enough to ring off the mountains from the main stage,” said Latane Hughes, who booked the SnowBall Festival lineup.

Saturday marks the band’s first time playing in the area, and Luke Pritchard, the band’s singer and guitarist, took the time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily.

1. Vail Daily: What took you so long to perform here?

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Luke Pritchard: It just never cropped up, you know, so we’ll have to make up for it when we’re in town.

2. VD: How long will you be here? Any plans to ski or snowboard? We’re getting lots of great snow.

LP: Only for the day; it’s a tight tour and so we won’t have too much time in between gigs. I’m a skier, not a snowboarder, but I haven’t been in a long time, if I find a ’70s all-in-one ski suit I’m there.

3. VD: Has the band played outdoors, in the winter, in Colorado before? Are you nervous?

LP: We played in Boulder a few years ago when it was proper cold and snowing but we were playing inside. This will be a new experience for us. I’m into it: two pairs of socks and wrap up. We’re from England, we’re used to it.

4. VD: I read on your blog for Huffington Post that you were “obsessed” with America. After living in L.A. for awhile, and recording your latest album there, are you still obsessed or did you get that out of your system?

LP: Yeah I’ve always had a thing for America. Probably a big part of that is the music I fell into when I was young. The storytelling side to the place, and the contrasts. Funnily enough, the more we come over, the more we talk about moving here sometime, so it’s not out of the system yet.

5. VD: Who have you been listening to lately? I love that bootleg Coldplay song you posted on Huffington Post. Great song.

LP: The album that I’ve been listening to most at the moment is “Back in the USA,” MC5. I love this song “Let Me Try” – it’s the guitar player singing and he almost reminds me of Tim Buckley. Really cool record, it has just clicked for me with them.

6. VD: Tell me about your album “Junk of the Heart.” It seems very different from your first two albums. How do you describe it?

LP: “Junk” is a totally different record than the first two. The way we went into the recording process was to try and change the way we work entirely, so we built songs from the ground up rather than recording live to tape. It opened up new ideas for us within the songs. I think it still has the roots right there, but modernized and experimental.

7. VD: How do your audiences in the UK differ from here in the states?

LP: In the UK it’s more lads and lots of shouting the lyrics back at you and we seem to have more girls at our shows here, which is no bad thing. Also it’s still building for us in the states, so I think that’s a big part of it.

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