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‘The Living Stations of the Cross’ comes to St. Clare’s

As Christians prepare for Holy Week, the week commemorating the passion and resurrection of Jesus, middle school students at St. Clare of Assisi School have been preparing a presentation on the series of events.

The program will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the Chapel at Beaver Creek.

“The Living Stations of the Cross” uses music, prayer and meditation to follow the story of Christ’s journey from his entrance into Jerusalem to the Last Supper with the apostles and his death on the cross.

Eileen Jacobs, program director, has modeled the program on one that has been done for 20 years at her parish in New York.

“The purpose of the Living Stations is to help people make – in spirit, if you will – a pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ’s suffering and death,” said Jacobs. “The students are creating an experience to be shared by everyone and it is one they will not forget.”

Jacobs said the fourteen stations of the cross is a Roman Catholic tradition dating back many centuries. Also known as The Way of the Cross, it’s usually a series of pictures, sculptures, paintings and carvings representing certain scenes arranged at intervals around the walls of a church.

Rather than using pictures, costumed St. Clare students will animate the stations. Their actions and music will tell the story narrated by Nereyda Blanco.

The program is punctuated with contemporary music and there are no speaking parts.

Tony Crisofulli will play Jesus and Laura Orduno will play the role of Jesus’ mother, Mary. Other roles played by students include the 12 apostles, the weeping women of Jerusalem, the two thieves crucified with Jesus and Mary Magdelene.

Call the school at 926-8980 for more information.

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