The magic of memories |

The magic of memories

Have you ever been transported to a different time and place by simply allowing your senses to take you there?

I know that for me it is sometimes a certain smell or fragrance that immediately brings me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. Perhaps it was the awesomeness of her pot roast or just her perfume, but either way when there is something that is very close to those wonderful scents I am quickly transported back in time and I love it.

Other times it is a song or even a lyric that launches a memory. I am not sure about you but for me the songs and lyrics almost parallel my life and as I hear them I can almost relive the events taking place at that time. Some are amazing songs that ignite a lost passion. Then there are those lyrics that remind me of hurts or disappointments. But I love the music either way, and I am grateful for the magic of those memories.

For those of you who are very visual maybe photos, images, and pictures might resurrect memories in your life that you are eager to remember and that bring warmth and love to your heart. We have all experienced loss in our lives, and when that loss involves a loved one, sometimes all we have are those mental images and visual memories. And thank God for the magic of those memories as we can relive happy and special times and moments with those who are no longer with us.

Stories are a fantastic way to allow our hearts and minds to be transported back in time. I am not sure about you, but my kids love when they hear stories about close friends and family members that they know. On the other hand you know what it’s like – our kids hate when we share stories about them with their potential boyfriends or girlfriends, but they love when we talk about them in the comfort and protection of our own family. It truly is the magic of memories.

Computers and technology are awesome and can help us to capture memories and transfer those memories to others when appropriate. However, when it comes to our memories the computer has some real competition – our hearts and minds.

There is a certain magic in our memories, and depending on which of one our senses is more heightened at any one time, we can allow ourselves to remember a favorite meal, a moment of comfort, our first Bruce Springsteen concert, a child’s smile, the way someone hugged us or the way our heart felt when we were loved.

The magic of memories is a double-edged sword as sometimes it brings us to depths of sadness about the people and things that are no longer in our lives. But I also believe our hearts protect us, and most times when we find ourselves in that moment of memory, the pangs of joy far outweigh the crush of hurt.

I hope that you will share what sparks the magic of your memory at and as always, together, we will make this a better-than-good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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