The magic of Vail’s Red Maple Catering |

The magic of Vail’s Red Maple Catering

The chefs at Red Maple Catering prepare a variety of cuisine for varying situations. Rack of lamb might be the star of a dinner party, while gorgeous passed appetizers and vivacious cocktails could make for a fun après ski gathering.
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Instead of making reservations, let the restaurant come to you — chefs, servers, bartenders… and of course the dishwashers.

Jason Harrison and Fletcher Harrison’s Red Maple Catering is an entirely different catering group. The Red Maple crew has established itself as the sort of people who can throw a party anywhere: an expansive meadow, a private home, at the top of the chair lift — just name it. In other words, they do it all, and they do it really, really well.

Harrison came to Vail from Bellagio in Las Vegas, where a “big” event meant feeding 4,500 people. In love with cooking, eating and sharing, Vail’s discerning palates and educated clientele are a good fit for the talented chef. 

“We started out slow —  we focused on getting things right and wowing people, and that hasn’t changed. We’ve grown significantly, but we’ve kept our identity,” he said.

“Cooking to me is the greatest creative outlet there is. It is both how I can express my creative side, and show my passion for ingredients at the same time.” – Chef-owner Jason Harrison, Red Maple Catering

Red Maple has expanded to other markets too: Dallas and Park City. And though each place has its own culinary personality, the dedication to excellence is consistent. And bonus — when they have multiple large events simultaneously, they simply have their other chefs jet in and help.

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Since launching, Red Maple Catering has created dining experiences for a diverse list of clients, from some of the world’s top CEOs, to athletes at the top of their game. And they’ve catered meals for celebrities in search of great food and privacy. 

Clients come to them for three reasons:

•   They want the best, and don’t want the stress of bringing their family and friends to a restaurant — or trying to get a reservation.

•   They want the details taken care of — and Red Maple has chefs, servers, a mixologist and even a sommelier on staff. 

• They want a true Colorado dining experience with ingredient-driven menus, and a real sense of location. 

Also, Chef Harrison is adept at conveying his passion for all things culinary in inspiring and innovative ways. His menus intrigue and delight. 

“Cooking to me is the greatest creative outlet there is,” he said. “It is both how I can express my creative side, and show my passion for ingredients at the same time.” 

And he agrees with Julia Child: 

People who love to eat are always the best people. 

So how does he keep it fresh?

“I like the challenge,” he said. “I love it when somebody calls and says, ‘I really like this particular dish, but nobody else can do it. Can you?’ And sometimes it’s completely random. But I’ve got staff that has worked at some of the best restaurants in the world — Mediterranean/Israeli food, Asian, you name it.”

And he also likes to stay immersed in all things food-related. “I stay inspired by talking to, working with and reading about food every day,” he said. “Ninety percent of my friends are chefs and some are within the best restaurants and hotels in the world. Keeping up with emerging dining trends is not easy, but with a strong network — and lots of food-focused travel — we keep pushing the boundaries.” 

Red Maple Catering

Located wherever you’d like

Price: Varies

Ambiance: At your discretion

Signature dish: What would you like?

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