The Marketplace on Meadow Drive |

The Marketplace on Meadow Drive

Nicole Frey

Listening to the symphony at the Gerald Ford Amphitheatre, there’s no better companion than some excellent food and drink.

The Marketplace on Meadow Drive can make your picnic effortless. Loading up a large basket with meats, cheeses, fruit and crackers, you’ll munch in style listening to world-class music. Not only delicious, it’s a painless option as Marketplace staff drops off your basket and picks it up when the show is over.

Should the munchies re-emerge, the Marketplace has a plethora of options. On show nights, the Bistro and Cafe portions of the Marketplace will feature the Vail Valley’s own voices masquerading as wait staff. They’ll belt out your favorite show tunes as they serve up pizza and sandwiches.

Dig into the thin crust of the scampi pizza – a fun creation of Maine shrimp, fresh arugula and a classic white sauce. Or try the Super Tuscan, a sandwich with two kinds of salami and provolone on ciabatta bread, with veggies and a zippy vinaigrette.

“We use really clean, clear products, which is ultimately our goal – to bring a greener feel to this place,” says Michael McNichols, assistant manager of the Marketplace.

You can also score breakfast and lunch at the Bistro and Cafe.

Progressing to the Market portion of the Marketplace, you’ll find everything to stock your pantry.

“We’re not your normal grocery store,” McNichols says. “We’ve got all these specialty items to make your dinner more special.”

Even area chefs are hitting up the Market to snag bottles of truffle oil, rare olives and luscious fruit spreads. Locals and tourist alike visit for the exotic cheeses, meats and organic fruits and vegetables the Marketplace brings in. The Market also carries a variety of basics, including over-the-counter medicines and toiletries.

Keep on heading west, and you’ll run into the sweetest part of the Marketplace – the Creperie, where sweet and savory crepes are made before your eyes and gorgeous gelato is dished out.

Just beyond the Creperie is the Tavern. Much more than a beer joint, the Tavern serves up rare wines, refreshing cocktails and also sells whole bottles for your meal at home.

“We’re trying to offer a variety so people can bring their lifestyle here,” says Bob McNichols, owner of the Marketplace.

The Marketplace on Meadow Drive

One Willow Bridge Road, Vail Village


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