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The Media Man – Zehring

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All of the sports seasons now overlap. The sheer numbers of sports ” let alone sports statistics ” are overwhelming to most people. Yet some revel in the numbers and Cory Zehring, a senior at Eagle Valley High School, is one of those guys.

Pitch him some scores, throw him some stats and kick a few percentages at Zehring and he’ll crunch all the information, then deliver it with a smile.

Zehring also has a knack for sports commentary. Mix that with his ambition and work ethic and you’ve got a successful young media man in the making. In the seventh grade, Zehring was the master of ceremonies for many talent shows.

Zehring, who worked at Eagle’s Capitol Theater for the past two years, has announced numerous games for the high school and officiated youth football games for WECMRD. He has even had his sports stories published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise and in the Vail Daily.

“I think writing newspaper articles helped prepare me the most for college. I really learned how people want sports written,” Zehring says.

“To get a certification to be a football official in high school is difficult,” says athletic director Dave Scott. “Even as a sophomore, Cory ran our clock for football games and was always dependable.”

That dedication is also evidenced in the fact that Zehring already has 46 college credit hours under his belt, and after this summer, will be one credit away from being a junior in college.

He accomplished that feat through Eagle Valley High School’s dual enrollment program.

After Zehring accepts his diploma from EVHS in May, he will study sports broadcasting at the University of Nebraska in the fall. Nebraska bunks kids in dorms by chosen majors, so Zehring will have a lot in common with his future roommate and dorm buddies.

Zehring’s mom, Lori, is a registered nurse at the Eagle Valley Medical Center and his dad, Cliff, teaches math at EVHS. His family, including his brother Bryce, 13, and 10-year-old sister Ally all believe they will see Zehring on a sports channel in the near future.

He says the best advice he’s received from his parents has been to not look back.

“If something has happened in the past, don’t let it bother you. Look towards the future,” Zehring says.

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