The moral of skiing in the mud |

The moral of skiing in the mud

Daily Staff Report

An older gentleman was skiing on one of the catwalks late in the season. With him, were two young children, most likely his grandchildren. Not paying particular attention to the conditions, he came to an area where the sun had melted the snow down to the mud. He skied right into the mud and fell flat on his face.I expected the children were about to learn a few new words from grandpa as he attempted to right himself. Instead, the gentleman got up, brushed the mud off of his face, turned to the youngsters and said, “Let that be a lesson to you kids. Skis don’t work very well in mud!”- Dave Yost, VailWhere are one’s woollies? Early one morning, I was skiing down an easy trail with a group of British teens. It was the day after a major snowfall and the trees looked like they had been covered in fluffy white cotton candy. The kids were really excited.They had grown up just outside London and had never seen three inches of snow cover before. When we stopped at one point to re-assemble the group, one of them asked if they could take off their skis and “tread in the forest.”Soon, they were tumbling and frolicking in the woods, eating the snow and attempting to throw powder at each other. They were gleefully playing, the way you would expect much younger kids to play.When they were all done rolling in the powder, one of the boys came out of the woods and stood on the side of the trail with snow still caked onto his wool socks. Ecstatic over the deep, fluffy powder, he announced to me, “That was unbelievable! The snow was into me woollies!”- Glen Coates, Okemo, Vt.Vail, Colorado

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