The nerve to take on MS |

The nerve to take on MS

Don Rogers

For Olympic skiers and other can-do people, the old prescription for multiple sclerosis – avoid physical activity – just would not do.Thank Jimmie Heuga for throwing that claptrap out a window decades ago and starting the Heuga Center, based in Edwards. The center is dedicated to helping people with this incurable and progressive neurological disease fight back very actively through exercise, nutrition and development of their life skills. Fittingly, their signature program is called CAN DO.Here’s a can-do exercise today at Vail Mountain: The 20th Vertical Challenge, in which teams of skiers see how many feet they can ski in a day while raising money for the Heuga Center. The goal is high at $500,000 from the event held at Vail and 22 other ski resorts across the country.The event springs from Heuga and 10 other top skiers raised $250,000 in 1985 while skiing a million feet vertically in a 24-hour marathon in Alaska. That was 15 years after Heuga was diagnosed and advised to take it easy. Hah!Manhole maniaYou know, this Vail manhole thing is getting pretty rich. Who would have thunk it that this world-class town could make a small mint selling something so pedestrian as replica manhole covers? All this rarefied fine art and galleries abounding in this top-shelf ski resort and community, and the visitors go ga ga over … manhole covers? Hey, whatever works.Now chocolate candy manholes. Sweet. It’s a regular manhole franchise. The best by far, though, is the manhole jewelry – bracelets, cufflinks and earrings. As for the taste aspect, we get it with the chocolate. Vail, Colorado

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