The new pub in town – Finnegan’s Wake |

The new pub in town – Finnegan’s Wake

Austin Richardson
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyThe owners of Finnegans Wake have tried to decorate it like an authentic Irish pub.

AVON – Dark and rustic wood speaks volumes about the feel of Finnegan’s Wake, the new Irish Pub in Avon. It’s almost like you can hear the history whispering in the background.And unlike it’s European counterparts, this pub is open until 2 a.m., serving food until 1 a.m.Finnegan’s Wake offers moderately priced, traditional Irish food in a genuine setting Formerly Cassidy’s Hole in the Wall, the new owners of Finnegans’ Wake have pulled out all the stops in remodeling the restaurant/bar. The “hole in the wall” has been covered with a textured brass ceiling, made to look “antiqued.”One look and it’s obvious that owners Tim and Maggie Parker, also owners of Meadow Mountain Plumbing, have made great efforts to make the pub authentic. Artifacts cling to the walls, showing a time past in another country. High booths allow privacy between patrons and contribute to the overall feel of the establishment. To the left of the bar is the “Victorian” side of the pub. Featuring high-backed chairs and proper tables, this area is reminiscent of a Victorian parlor, complete with large rocking chairs.

On the right of the bar is the “country” side, with a large stone fireplace and distressed wood used as tabletops in the booths. This side of the bar displays a more rustic side of life in the British Isles. Distressed wood was used in much of the downstairs bar, giving it true old-world flair. Custom carving on the bar is almost overpowered by the neon-green backlit shamrock hiding the kegs of Guinness and Smithwick’s. In keeping with the traditional feel of the bar, there are maps painted on the walls in a distinct style. Look hard enough at the map and it seems to come alive, complete with the edges rolling up.The “faux” finishes used to made the decor seem more rustic are deceptive. Don’t be alarmed if you need to actually touch the wall to see if it actually is that pock-marked.Low lighting provided either by chandelier or mock streetlamps almost hides relics like banded barrels and traditional musical instruments adorning the downstairs. Upstairs is another bar entirely. Isolated from the more elaborate downstairs, the upstairs bar offers patrons a more relaxed atmosphere.

For food, Finnegan’s Wake offers traditional Irish dishes like bangers and mash, fish and chips and an assortment of pot pies. Kitchen Manager and Head Chef Grant Friese said the “bangers” are shipped in from Chicago and are for sale on a carry-out basis. Friese added that traditional “fayre” is comprised of recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Dishes like steak and kidney pie, Guinness beef broxty and shepherd’s pie adorn the menu like badges of honor won in old-world kitchens in the British Isles. There are a few vegetarian options that are made with a “broxty,” which is a thin potato crepe.All of the entrees are complimented by a generous offering of appetizers and salads. Sidebar:

Finnegan’s Wake is both a traditional Irish song and a novel by classic Irish author, James Joyce. Some say the song came before the novel and some say the novel came before the song, who knows?We at Finnegan’s Wake Traditional Irish Pub know that the same classic traditions of both song and novel are what we have based our pub around.Vail, Colorado

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