The ‘New Reign’ arrive in Vail |

The ‘New Reign’ arrive in Vail

Cassie Pence

Kayakers in Young Gun Productions’ “New Reign” are shredding powder in a wetter form, but instead of fat-daddy skis, they negotiate water holes big enough to swallow a house with one little boat and a paddle.Young Gun Productions is not only a film crew, it is a moniker for a group of paddlers, all under the age of 20, with a similar penchant for high-adrenaline kayaking. Brooks Baldwin, Rush Sturges and Marlow Long shot most of the film and are the back bone behind the new generation of big-river kayakers.”New Reign” makes it world premiere today at 10 p.m. at 8150 in Vail Village after the Jurassic 5 show. Their first major film, Baldwin, Sturges and Long experimented with different angles and techniques to achieve the desired shot. From a camera attached to a boogie board to helicopters flying over head, the three young athletes created a movie that illustrated the progression they and there friends are taking the sport.

Just like big-mountain skiing, these boys and girl, Laura Nash, are riding big rivers like the Zambezi in Africa. To give you some perspective, the Gore runs at about 600 cubic feet per second (cfs). The Zambizi River runs at 30,000 cfs. “One guy goes into this hole and he gets stuck in it, and the helicopter’s there, and he’s in that hole, he actually got his pants ripped off because the water’s so powerful,” Baldwin said.Needless to say there were some pretty close calls while shooting the film. The film crew had to make the decision about when to put the camera down and when to keep shooting.”You have to kind of say, ‘OK, do I really want to use the camera now to just see if our friend is OK or not?'” Baldwin said.

Besides Africa, the Young Guns traveled to the muddy rivers of Canada, plunged waterfalls in Norway and play-boated throughout the United States. “New Reign” also shares a softer side of these stellar athletes, clueing the audience in on their personalities.”It is a fun video in the sense of the music fits, and there is funny stuff that goes along with the kayaking,” Baldwin said.See the “New Reign” of kayakers begin to take over at 8150 today at 10 p.m.

Running water”New Reign” film premiere8150, Vail Village10 p.m., today

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