The noble warriors |

The noble warriors

Don Rogers

Something that struck people who helped with the Vail visit by disabled Iraq War vets was their utter lack of bitterness.Very little feeling sorry for themselves. High sense of the rightness of their missions.These are not the “victims” so often portrayed by the protesters back home.Besides that, whatever you think of the cause, be careful how you cast the people who willingly took it up.There is a nobility in their purpose, their willingness to serve their country, and how they face up to the personal consequences of their service. They have more than earned our respect.Best of filmIn the end, the contest was about the quality of the film, not merely the cause of the filmmakers.The Academy went with “Crash,” set straight in Los Angeles, over “Brokeback Mountain,” about gay love in Wyoming.Causes do not require awards to move forward, just conversation. Even conversation laced with jokes. “Brokeback” broke some new ground. And did you notice the lack of hysteria about homosexuality over the showing of the film across the country?That was remarkable by itself.Perhaps that’s a sign, albiet a tiny one, that we’re maturing just a bit on this subject. This wasn’t even the only best movie nominee to focus on gay characters. “Capote” was in the running, too.Vail, Colorado

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