The one sure thing |

The one sure thing

Don Rogers

The various lawyers embroiled in the Kobe Bryant case these past couple of weeks have been furiously trying to gain position without perhaps understanding that their big show is playing largely to yawns locally. All this “tainting” of the jury pool talk by the prosecutors, defense attorneys and private lawyers for the alleged victim has all the hearty ring of one hand clapping.Nationally, sure, there are enough people who are just fascinated by each day’s new wacky turn. But locally – and we’ll declare this with some pride – the populace isn’t nearly so dumb as the lawyers seem to think. As we’ve observed from time to time throughout the case, and the Los Angeles Times found in a recent report, the locals certainly are not ignorant of the case – but they aren’t consumed by it, either. Judging by conversations with residents, as well as letters and Tipsline calls, the Kobe Bryant circus registers down the line of stories that interest Vail Valley residents. The Bair Ranch open-space agreement, Magnus Lindholm’s giant flagpole, the local elections and various other local issues rise above Kobe.Folks here take the many celebrities who come here in stride; basketball is not followed nearly so much as football and hockey; and the educational level per capita in Eagle County is higher than just about anywhere else in America.People here generally are wise enough to understand the current follies among lawyerdom for what they are, and to give them fully all the attention they deserve (which is precious little). The court will rather easily find enough people in this jury pool who are sharp enough to provide a fully fair hearing to the case at trial, should it get there. This is the lone sure thing in this whole nutty case. Vail, Colorado

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