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The other Eagle County

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Vail CO, Colorado

The Vail Daily doesn’t cover Eagle County. If we did, a few pages would be pretty consistently missing.

We cover the Eagle River Valley, and the whole of the Eagle River Valley lies conveniently within the confines of a single county. Our neighbors to the south aren’t so lucky. The Roaring Fork Valley crosses not one but two county lines, so a good many of its residents are affected in one way or another by the decisions made by more than one county’s government. One of those governments is based quite inconveniently here in the Eagle River Valley.

This was all relatively well and good as recently as 20 years ago. The Roaring Fork corner of Eagle County was made up of Basalt ” which had its own town government ” farms, tiny neighborhoods and a truck-stop-slash-trailer-park known as El Jebel. The trailers are still there, but El Jebel has since experienced explosive commercial and residential growth, especially in the past five to 10 years. This and the fact that it lies in unincorporated Eagle County make it very closely resemble Edwards. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to drive through about 30 miles of an entirely different county to get to Edwards.

El Jebel’s ” and Basalt’s ” geographical misfortune is all of Eagle County’s. If officials are out of touch with what’s happening in part of their own jurisdiction, it creates the potential for inefficient use of county resources and an inability to take full advantage of opportunities for the good of us all. Voting to approve the proposed home rule charter would have the effect of creating a new commissioner for that forgotten corner of Eagle County, someone who has his or her finger on its pulse.

It’s just as hard to govern a far-off land as it is to cover its news.

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