The overrated and the underrated |

The overrated and the underrated

Atreyu”A Death Grip on Yesterday”

VictoryAtreyu’s sudden explosion into mass underground popularity and into the hearts and minds of Hot Topic kids doesn’t seem to have too many people scratching their heads. Atreyu has not only borrowed it’s name from an ’80s movie – “The Neverending Story” – but made it “cool” to boast tongue-and-cheek on-stage antics a la ’80s hair metal bands. But with all the clichéd riffs, cheesy choruses and weak melodic transgressions, maybe Atreyu should pick up on the fact that this music sucks a lot more than anything Poison ever wrote.

The quintet’s watered-down brand of metalcore, emocore, or whatever-you-call-it core that made “The Curse” such a huge success is even more pronounced on “A Death Grip on Yesterday,”picking up right where the band’s breakthrough left off – full of formulaic garbage. This album is filled with utter transparency and tempo changes as dull as a Fox News test pattern – ugly and terribly predictable. Someone should put a death grip on this band. Unearthly Trance”The Trident”

RelapseNew York’s Unearthly Trance elevates the term power trio to whole new level. Blazing through nine visceral and explosive tracks, “The Trident” hits like a bolt of lightning – fast, furious and unpredictable. With so many bands trying to be trendsetters – blending melody with heavy power chords and ending up with unoriginal nonsense – Unearthly Trance does no such fronting. This album is angry, raw and aggressive, recalling the tribal rhythms of Neurosis and the unrelenting tempo of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” and “Seasons in the Abyss.”With interesting lyrics centered on the subconscious and open to loose interpretation, Unearthly Trance proves that this is no band to write off vocals and lyrics. Darren Verni’s drumming is machine-like and overpowering, making the band’s furious sound that much more apocalyptic. By its conclusion, “The Trident” renders a rather profound affect, leaving you shaken by the raw power and electric charge it delivers.

Vail, Colorado

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