The partisan games |

The partisan games

Don Rogers

Most county-level primary elections pass with a yawn and a tiny turnout. This one Tuesday probably will be no different.Next to the county assemblies, the primary is the best argument for removing the partisan infection from county races.County commissioners act far more like town councilors than state or federal legislators. “R” and “D” should have zero to do with county decision-making.Let the party boys and girls screw up the legislatures. Get this crap out of county offices. The jobs are complicated enough without clouding them up with resolutions supporting the War on Terror, declaring earnest belief in global warming or wasting time on other great matters that counties, last we looked, do not oversee or even influence.We simply need citizens to roll up their sleeves and take on those mundane challenges that actually affect our daily lives. Still, the primary Tuesday will be kind enough to trim the fleet of candidates for Tom Stone’s downvalley commissioner seat from six to three. Let’s be thankful for that much.The caveat is partisans will do the culling. Registered D’s will vote on their party’s candidates, and the R’s will get theirs. Those few who bother, that is. Still, it’s better than even fewer people deciding in living rooms who to put up for county office.It’s not a great system. But what are you going to do? Well, for starters, vote. The more you participate, the less influence rank partisans will have on the outcome. That’s a good thing. Vail, Colorado

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